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Help with some in-depth mechanics/knowledge from people with modding experience regarding glitches for speedruns

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I am a glitch hunter, router and speedrunner and I have messed around with glitch hunting sacred for about 2 years, on and off, now. And the game is quite broken and has potential to be even more broken. But I have so far only knowledge and skills when it comes to working from inside the game but I have hit a limit to how far I can take it without outside tools or knowledge about how some game mechanics works.

So to to explain the basics off how the game is broken for those not aware. 95% of all the glitches comes from the fact that you can quick load with menus open and this will carry those menus over to the quick save instead. This allows for all kinds of things such as moving quests in time, stacking quests rewards and duplicating items among others. Those things are not why I am here tho, as there is 2 things I like to call "Event ID Manipulation" and "Object ID Manipulation" and they can break the game to pieces but also are very difficult to manipulate, fully understand how they work and to test and find what you can actually do with them.

Lets start of with "Event ID Manipulation":
So I refer to things most things that happens (getting quest, completing them, getting rewards, moving to a different area/map, opening the portal menu, etc) as events and all off these seem to share a common type of ID. And based on how things seems work in game I assume when a event is triggered some thing tells the game to trigger "Event ID" XXX after which the game goes in to a "list"(doubt there is a actual list but I like to call it that) of events and checks what event that it should run. And this "list" looks to be unique for the 2 campaigns, so if we can move a "Event ID" from 1 campaign to the other we can trigger different events then what we are supposed to do.
Which we can do, by taking a menu related to quests (accept a quest or reward) and quick load it over to the other campaign as the accept box stores the "Event ID" over.

The problem with this is that it is extremely time consuming and difficult to test what can be done. Especially as I am not 100% sure what can carry "Event ID" over to another save/campaign outside of quest related menus, I know a very few other things but for example I am still not sure if it is possible to use graves for this. As a LOT of "Event ID" do seemingly nothing and that can also have to do with the fact that most event that is connected to quests checks if you have said quest active before and if not do nothing or don't work properly, and testing this with just "brute force" is practically impossible.

So I am looking for if someone have any idea or tools or just thoughts on how this could be made easier to test and find what can be done. I know there is not anything as convenient as "lists" that just say what the different "Event ID"s do in the different campaigns but if I had access to know when a "Event" is triggered and even better know what "ID" it had that be gold worth, but I know that probably requires work from someone else as my knowledge with things such as Cheat Engine is limited even tho I am trying to learn it better. But if any1 have a idea for how this could be made smoother or know info about how what I call "Event ID"s work I be grateful!

Then for the 2nd trick, "Object ID Manipulation":
So all object in the game, items, intractable props on the map, all npc's, even equipment on npc's and also sound and moving background things seem to share a common "Object ID".
And by putting a item into the merchant for sale and quick loading we can store said "Object ID" over saves. But if we move a item into a save that do not have that item in it, either never got it or it got removed, you can access objects that the player is never supposed to be able to get in the hand/inventory. The potential for this is absurd but it is very limited by certain factors.
So from what I have noticed there seems to be 3 different ways the game loads objects so that it keeps track of them and all ID's that said save uses are stored on you save, so restarting game keeps them the same.

1. Given and permanently stored when character is created, a ton of things are loaded in and given an ID when you create the character. A lot of quest npc's (but not all for some reason), all horses and horse sales persons, signs found around the world, portals sound/light effects and some fixed enemy's and items. Tho the is is probably way bigger as I have limited access to see this.

2. Given and permanently stored when either added from quests or when loading in a area, some npc's and most things related to, at least, optional quests are loaded in this way, but seem to stay in permanently after

3. Given temporarily based on proximity, includes normal enemy's, most items, and visual and sound effects.

So for 1. we can access some of this by exporting a character as all items on the character gets given a new ID when imported (ordered from top right then going right before dropping down a row, personal stash is after in order and your equipment's are last). moving items to another export with no items lets you access all objects ID slots in the range of you equipment's, items slots and personal stash slots.
I doubt there is much more to be done here unless someone knows a way to store more items on a character export or shift the object id of existing items.

But what I am interested in is for 2. and 3. how exactly do the game decide what id to give something.
My first assumption would be that priorities filling slots based on what is the oldest unused ID's but based on testing this do not seem to be the case. Also quests that add multiple things do not necessary add them right next to either other too. I have tried a lot of things to try and control how things get added in so that I can use this to access things but so far I have yet to find any decent patern that could be used to understand this. 
Also I am interested in if some1 knows if quest items (pinkish text) is stored, so far I have never been able to grab one of those. but maybe they all fall under category 1. and is just inaccessible.


So I know this is a big wall of text so to summarize some key things I am asking:

- Do anyone know/have an idea/could help with figuring out what "Event ID"s different events have? and what actions can bring those over saves into other campaigns?

- How do the game generate "Objects ID"s? or just more general info about how the game handels this.

Well if someone knows anything else interesting that could be used for glitches or anything I am all ears too.

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