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Very Fun Hybrid Build !!!

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1 hour ago, CyprienKydasMarchand said:

Hello ! Here I am again with a 3rd crazy build!
I decided to create a character a bit RP and I'm totally out of control! I merged Guldan from (Warcraft) and Dark Sidious (Star Wars)
This gives us a hybrid Dark Guldan Inquisitor!
No more chit-chat!


Vitality & Willpower & Intelligence (Mix to your liking I'm not god)


Ancient magic
Combat Discipline
Astuce Supremacy Lore 
Astuce Supremacy Focus 
Gruesome Inquisition Focus
Neferious Netherworld Focus
Armor Lore

And if you want 

Combat Art Modifications

Callous Execution - Toughness, Lacerating, Judgment

Merciless mutilation - Ire, Petrification, Frenzy

 Frenzied fervor - Faith, Resolute, Relentless

 Purifying Punishment - Mystic, Eradicate, Hallow

Levin Array - Elongation, Hesitation, Dynamic

 Clustering Maelstrom - Chaos, Vortex

Raving Thrust - Bedaze, Relay, Lesion

Zealous Doppelganger - Incentive, Equality, Determination

Reverse Polarity - Rebound, Backlash, Exploit

Dislodged Spirit - Hargue, Deprivation, Stimulation

Paralyzing Dread - Panic, Decrepit, Confidence

Soul Reaver - Zealot, Source, Soul Imbiber

Its Combo time!

For all mob groups
Clustering Maelstrom + Ruthless Mutilation + Raving Thrust + Levin Array
Now you're going to tell me he's completely crazy! Well yes! you can reshuffle the combo as you want especially if you have enough damage to stop halfway through the combo but it's fun (I even tried to do less damage to see them die)

Well for the Boss it's in 2 parts or 3 parts

A debuff and buff 
Dislodged Spirit + Paralyzing Dread + Frenetic Fervor
Dislodged Spirit last because his debuff is short
Zealous Doppelganger You can add it in the combo or not 

Then comes the simple but effective combo 
Ruthless Mutilation + Callous Execution 


It's simple I don't know much about it but a lightsaber of course 

That's all for this short but fun build. it's not necessarily very easy to play at the beginning but I found very quickly the fun to make my person speak between an orc and a lord sith :') see the enemies take their flight at the length of games made me cry of laughter I hope that this build is not too bad overall I share it just for the fun!
Once again please excuse my English!
Good games and don't forget to join the dark side to bring the demons on Azeroth! 




The Inquisitor was definitely one of the classes I found difficult to work with, but who's character and well-themed effects and Ca's found to be absolutely spot on.  I've always loved how much work this community has put into their posted builds, and have found your build's write up and pix to be a great addition for the community's reads.

Thanks for keeping this inquitor going... to the Dark Side all!



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