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The Path to Becoming a True Warrior...

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Well for the first time ever I decided that I would have the patience to kill the forest golem. advice to all who try it... (I did this on gold, he was level 105)... bring health potions. as many as you can fit. The weapon of legends is trash. my DE (who I pride in being able to do damage) was crackin in about 600 a hit. well, if you use a DE while doing this, TESTOSTERONE & ADRENALINE. The two most important traps in this situation (since you can't harm him with your explosive charge/whatnot) use hard hits. try to get it to .6 seconds regen or somethign like that... thats about how fast you attack normally. 2-6000 damage is much better than 600.


As for the guys at hell's ridge... EXPLOSIVE CHARGE! you have to kill all 3 at the EXACT SAME TIME for the 6 attribute and skill points. so... what do you do? make sure they're all really close together, and bomb the heck outta them. :) yes. easiest way to ensure death at the same time. just some advice I hope y'all find it helpful. Take care all, cya!



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The entire key to beating the Forest Golem is non-physical damage. Special damages also carry over to the 'Weapon of Legends', so any increased benefit is handy. The Daemon will easily beat the Golem if she has a decent Infernal Power buff. I never tried Cobra against the Golem with a Dark Elf, but it is a CA that is supposed to work even against dragons. Regardless of tactics, it DOES help to bring in a hefty supply of potions or use healing if your character has the spell capability.

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I had heard that only Magic melee damage matters to the Beast...and it must be filtered by the Weapon of Legend.


This means that you have to be creative.


Any combat art that increases your chance to hit will increase your damage over time (dot).


Any combat art that multiplies your melee damage will help (Hard Hit is your best bet--which would be delivered for a Daemon by Descent, the other half of Soaring Daemon.)


Socketing Magic melee damage rings will boost your magic damage.


For a Battle mage, will Blackstaff's set boost your magic damage (melee) or just magic damage (spell)?





With the IP significantly increasing damage...I'm wondering if that Daemon wielded the dagger, but had lots of fire damage socketed. Could be the key was as you say boosting your damage through the roof to overcome the Golem's huge resistances to everything that is not Magic melee.


Looks like something I need to explore. I've never done the True Warrior Quest Chain. (yet).

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Oh boy is this ever a very long chain of quests to fulfill. I did this with a BM and the #1 thing that allowed me to finish off the Forest Golem was the high level Ring of Ice I kept casting. The slowing factor of Ring of Ice helped to significantly reduce how often the Golem could swing at me. It also made it easier for me to dodge his special attack which causes a lot of damage. His foot stomp. It's very easy to see it coming when Ring of Ice is in affect.


Oh and I haven't tried the skill points quest in Hell's Ridge! Nice tip there Total! :(

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Oh and I haven't tried the skill points quest in Hell's Ridge! Nice tip there Total! :yay:


Anytime Schot. I really wanted to do this with a BM after I found out that you only get a cool BM item as your reward, but I dont have the patience to raise a BM... I can never seem to find anything for the BM while playing as one, but I've seen a lot of cool items that I'd like to use (my DE has had Rakka's Cyclones, Muadlibs Visions, Relmin's Sets, Solwemyrs Stuff, and other BM stuff up the ying yang.) Any advice on what type of BM to start up when I get around to doing so? I was thinking magic only (specifically using only book of wisdom), but Idk yet.



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