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Ranged build with energy weapon


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Hi :)

I have found a few unique energy weapons and would like to do a build that allows them to be used. I'm aware that the BFG build performs better in ranged combat, but I'm not interested in it. The goal is to get a versatile character that will serve me in niobium difficulty in order to do some farming on bosses or normal monsters. For each build, I try to find a balance between performance and the things that appeal to me. So, some things will not be chosen with the aim of absolutely seeking the optimum. (Hello riding skill! :lol:) I have the Ice and Blood expansion and the game is modded with the CM patch. I have already tried this build at low level in silver difficulty to see if I like the gameplay. 

I divide the stat points this way for each level up :

  • First 49 level : +1 pts in dexterity
  • 50-149 level : same and +1 pts in vitality
  • 150-200 level : same and +1 in willpower

Dexterity seems essential to me in order to take advantage of the damage, attack and defense rating bonuses. Vitality allows for better survivability. The willpower allows a better resistance to the spell. I divided it all into three because I know that the increase in attributes decreases very quickly with the addition of point.

Here is the list of skills that I think are used for this character :

  1. Exalted Warrior Focus
  2. Tactics Lore
  3. Ranged Weapons
  4. ?
  5. Armor Lore
  6. Constitution
  7. Toughness
  8. Spell Resistance
  9. Enhanced Perception
  10. Riding

For the moment, I have definitely not yet chosen the skills that will occupy the empty spaces. I have a few question marks about some skills that I think I might or might not include in the build. The research I have done provides some answers, but some elements remain unclear or undocumented. I will ask my questions below with a brief explanation.

1) Is the Damage Lore skill an interesting choice with the use of energy weapons? They have many damage types and in large amounts. I don't know if it's interesting to capitalize on the effect of DoTs to get rid of boss-type monsters. Energy weapons have many damage types and in large amounts. Especially since I know there aren't many common monsters that survive the first round of Pelting Strike.

2) Is the Speed Lore skill really useful for this type of build? On the movement speed side, I will use the CA Dashing Alacrity as much as possible in addition to the Riding skill to take advantage of the full potential of the unique mount. (% defense,% health..) For the defensive and offensive bonus aspect, the CA Battle Stance (Premonition) does almost all the work. I'm also going to add a good portion of the dexterity stat points. I don't think I'm lacking in attack value unless I go to see bosses often.

3) Is the Combat Discipline skill worth it? There is a relevant combo to do with the CA Soul Hammer + Pelting Strike but, I have no idea if it is that effective. From my first try, Pelting Strike does the job very well on its own and for Soul Hammer. For the increased damage side, the skill will not really give me more since it only affects the Thrust mod of Pelting strike. For the reduction of the waiting time, I will use the RPH so, it is not really a problem.

4) Is the Combat Reflexes skill a viable option? No. The CA Battle Stance (Flexibility) provides an evade percentage that is almost half that of the mastery of this skill. The advantage of the skill is lost in the case of the chance vs critical which further decreases the chance of getting a critical hit. If a hit passes there is more chance that it is a regular hit than a critical hit. The evade allows to divide by at least half the chance of hit of monsters following the calculation of the initial attack rating. It is possible to increase it otherwise by items. In the event of a critical hit, the Toughness skill reduces the damage. The build will undoubtedly have enough defense rating (Battle Stance, the mount, stats in dexterity. . .) to avoid taking the blows that a mobile gameplay does not allow to be avoided.

5) Is the Toughness skill really a must? Yes. Even though I try to avoid blows at all costs, I am not totally immune to damage. Toughness reduces total damage and increases all types of armor. Since bosses in niobium difficulties happen to have a high attack rating, it's best to prevent damage of all types. This skill is complementary with Armor Lore which also increases damage resistance. The two skills thus offer better cover at the magical and physical level. It also works in conjunction with the Spell Resistance skill in order to manage the importance of DoTs. I'll see if this skill doesn't make the build too overpowering on Niobium difficulty.

The changes to the CA are as follows :

1) Battle Stance : PremonitionFlexibilityRetaliation

Premonition for increased Attack Rating, Flexibility for Escape Chance, and Retaliation to reflect damage.

2) Pelting Strikes ThrustFocusPrecision

For Pelting Strike, the Thrust modification increases damage. Focus decreases CA regeneration and Precision increases the chance to land critical hits.

3) Dashing Alacrity BloodlustDelayImpatience

The bloodlust modification increases the attack speed of energy weapons that have a slow average. The next two allow you to launch the CA almost continuously.

The planned equipment is here.

The last point does not concern a skill but an element that allows you to survive a little better and do more damage. I don't intend to run behind the % LL in order to give myself a little more flexibility with the equipment. I think rather opting for it via flat LL. I know the trick is workable against common monsters and champions, but I don't know if this is the case with bosses.

I await your advice to ask the continuation.

Usefuls guides :

The queen of blades, by Antitrust

A comprehensive guide to the ranged bosskiller Seraphim, by Dobri

Usefuls topics :



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Hi :)

On 11/6/2021 at 8:29 AM, gogoblender said:

Sorry about the edit function Narjnaar! I just edited your profile, are you able to edit ?

Yes, I will be able to work on the original post instead of posting the rest of the build afterwards.

Thank you. Merci. :wink:

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