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Winamp was my one true love from 1999-2006. After that, when I got an iPod, I migrated over to iTunes, and never looked back except for one relapse in 2007, when my iPod was stolen.


I've done too much work with getting all my songs tagged, organized, and put into playlists to ever go back to Winamp now, I think.


I have great memories of using the Milkdrop visualizer around 2005-2006. Man, that was trippy stuff. Some of what that plugin could show you was awe-inspiring.

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Funny how opinions can differ :) I really never got around to using iTunes...

I've used Winamp for ages, then switched to Foobar for a while, after ending up using WMP (I know...).


But hearing the news about Winamp got me downloading it again, and that utter simplicity struck me again.

No new skins for me I love the classic Winamp look :)

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Winamp! It really whips the llama's ass! -meahh!-


Ah skins, oh the skins! Almost forgot about that aspect. I actually despised iTunes at first for it's sterile look, de-emphasis on visualization, lack of control, and generally everything about it. It was a necessity at first for synching an iPod, and by the time other programs had the ability, I had already invested too much time into iTunes to abandon it.


I like Foobar because it's so lightweight. I use it sometimes when I want to completely replace a game's soundtrack with a playlist of my own. I played pretty much all of Dungeon Siege with this awesome playlist of dark acoustic folk songs in Foobar.

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