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Enemy Resistances impact?

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33 minutes ago, RuDDicK said:

Almost all Abilities have a damage limit of 65535 (2 bytes) for each damage type. After this limit, damage is no longer taken into account!

Only the traps of the Dark Elf do not have this bug!

It is important to understand that 65535 is not the final damage, but the damage of the Ability, so it will still be increased by global damage multipliers

yeah I didint know to explain so better like you.

But traps from dark elf have a limit to,I've never got my poison mist higher then 800k on vanilla sacred,after that number ,it just reset 

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54 minutes ago, SupremeJoker said:

yeah I didint know to explain so better like you.

But traps from dark elf have a limit to,I've never got my poison mist higher then 800k on vanilla sacred,after that number ,it just reset 


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32 minutes ago, RuDDicK said:


wow,ok ,maybe I was doing something wrong ,but I remember something metal told me,maybe explosive charge doest work properly ,dont know for sure,but is good to know that poison mist work properly

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Very important info regarding the limit on spell damage. I was toying around with the idea of starting a pure spellcasting Seraphim. Will stick to the original Hybrid idea then :/


An update on the enemy damage reduction. Reached level 169, did some shopping, upgraded my damage etc. Enemies still haven't moved from their levels (still in the ~190 range).

Adding screenshots with my current stats against a level 189 HGW.



At this moment, a non-critical hit deals anywhere between 100K-123K. The damage dealt has climbed to about 14% of the listed one. 

Could the cause be, that the resistance x damage formula takes into account ONLY the base damage of the "Weapon" attack damage of the weapon before using the CA multiplier bonus? Calculating the resistance damage reduction based off of that and then applying that to the final, CA multiplied damage? It is the only reason I can think of it behaving this way. So first doing the damage reduction calculation and only then multiplying the damage resulting from that calculation with the CA bonus %. Meaning that the listed damage of CAs is mostly irrelevant (e.g. only listing the potential maximum if the enemy had 0 resistances).

I did add some rings that increased the base damage (attribute dealt as damage), which could explain the climb from 10% to 14%. Because only this base damage plays a role in the damage x resistance formula. Cereborpods now take about 62K damage, which is about 7,75% of the listed damage, up from 5%. Which proportionally corresponds to the damage increase with the HGW.

I am fairly certain that this is the cause of the huge discrepancy. Either that, or the enemy resistances are multiplied by some hidden modifier (unlikely as the multiplier would have to be massive to reach these damage reduction numbers). Which should in practice mean, that you should always prioritize flat damage increases over % bonuses, because only the flat part is used against enemy resistances, and the result reduces the total CA multiplied damage.

A normal attack (31K damage on average), deals about 4.3K to a HGW, once again, exactly about 14% of the listed damage, which reveals how it really works.. The enemy damage reduction from resistances is calculated based off the damage listed for the base Weapon attack, and the result is then applied to every weapon based Combat Art. Which in my case, having the damage types quite splintered, comes out at a total of 86% damage reduction for the HGW. This makes enemy resistances matter much more than I had originally thought. Seems I'm gonna have to re-focus my gear to only one damage type. Guess I still have some shopping to do.



Weapon based CAs first do a normal hit and then multiply the damage resulting from that by their stated %. They do NOT deal the damage listed in the character sheet. That damage would only be dealt if the enemy had zero resistances.

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