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Sacred Underworld - The more map % you discovered you apparently gain more experience :)

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This page claims that too:


I'd assume it's true, but can't say for certain. With exploring as much of the map as possible, without resorting to glitches, out of bounds areas or means not all characters have access to, I ended up with 59.43% on my Gladiator after somewhat diligently exploring the maps (wall hugging most of the time in all areas) in the base game and Underworld, including secret areas.

Although not sure if it is a direct XP increase (as in 59.43% map explored = 59.43% more XP) or if it is only some portion of that like it is with Map Discovered and Magic Find in Sacred 2.

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  • gogoblender changed the title to Sacred Underworld - The more map % you discovered you apparently gain more experience :)

I dont remember much  about this, but there were player who were fanatics about percentage explored. Its interesting reading about this again, what would be interesting is how much exp you gain for map uncovered;



World Explored:

Effects exp. gain, the bigger percentage explored the more exp. you will get. Particularly important for high level characters who need to increase their exp. gains everyway possible given the character level exp. reductions.

NOTE: You can't explore it all. Much of the land mass cannot be reached, but try to get as much as you can.




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