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Help with Overlookers Clan

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You can find them on youtube and the russian social network VK. The team has decrypted the games code and is doing changes
via hex editor. (Mmh. I guess I have mentioned it already a few days ago) So there is not much you can do, speaking of
coding. There are still some possibilities left, depending on your motivation and skill. You could, for example, remix
ambients using Audacity, a freeware program. Textures are an option, ground retex is possible, if you got enough nerves,
or editing 3d models in 2d. Well, thats it.


Since I am too lazy today, I will answer your question, where to put mods right here. Put them into the pak folder. Thats
it. And get yourself an installer. Just google it and learn how to make it work. Its not difficult, really. Why is that?
Well, mods will start to clot together after a while and you wont be able to seperate them from each other again, depending
on the amount of mods used.

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