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Need help to change inquisition guard armor

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18 minutes ago, Lindor said:

I can make individual parts of the officer's / soldier's models invisible with the alpha channel of the texture.

That would not be necessary. In the end I'll have to vivisect the original guard model and fuse the resized cowl-helm anyway.

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I'm working on it:)

Want it to be perfect, less Elder-Scrolls-esque:D


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And it's time for the daily update again:


It's the tiniest amounts of improvements which take the modt amount of work

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On 8/8/2022 at 2:57 AM, Lindor said:

Star Wars feeling intensifies:starwars:


Now only need the helmet model from Dmitriy, and there'll be red- and black guards:lol:
And maybe add the flag to the shoulder to prevent clipping:wink:

Hey, is that a replacement for the Inquisitor's demon-companion from Enhanced Edition? Always wanted to have these inquisition ladies on my back. Or it's simply change for some NPCs around the world? 

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