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Grimdawn and cicadas

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On 10/2/2022 at 4:46 AM, chattius said:

The game machine at youth firefighters has Grimdawn installed and with it GDautocaster - an Autokey variant. There were two temporary buffs, one recastable every 12 seconds the other every 16 seconds. Doing 12 seconds loop for the first and 16 seconds loops for the second resulted in the fact that one buff was tried to be cast into the casting animation of the other and failing every third or fourth cast.

Cicadas of different species have the same problem. If every cidada species has the same cycle there may be not enough food for them all. So their mass appearing is every 7,11,13,17,19 years depending on species. Species A with a cycle of 7 years will hit the 11 years cicyling B every 77 years.

So by doing 13 and 17 seconds for autocasting the two loops meet every 221 seconds and not every 48. Given that an autocaster works with 10 ms you can choose prime numbers close to 1200 and 1600 and probably never have them interacting in one session. 1231 * 1637 is a real big number.

So Grimdawn helps in learning about cicadas, prime numbers and least common multiples.

Amusing article you wrote.  I'd never have thought about the sub universes that cicadas grim dawn and auto casting occupy.  All I think I knew about cicadas is that this year where my mom lives in Maryland in the States the Cicadas have come out in force with more than enough of them to be crunched underfoot as they walk about outside in the streets!



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