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Discussion thread for Clan D.a.r.k Overspawning

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Thought I would remind everyone to what they agreed to when signing up for on line play. This is an excerpt from the 'Sacred Code of Honor'

* You will not knowingly exploit any bug in Sacred, nor will you communicate or distribute any such bugs for exploitation by other players. Where possible, you will promptly report any such bugs by email to service_sacred@ascaron.com.


I believe overspawning is classified as an exploit. I know Ascaron hasn't made a big deal out of it right now. But who knows if people start complaining. Another good reason to make a pvt server. Now I'm not against overspawning. I know the later lvls can be a real grind. But I think it's a good idea to limit it to the pvt or 4p servers just so there's no reason to point any fingers at us for lag deaths

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I would have to agree with you guys on this. I for one have been known to overspawn at any level heck what can I say I love the xp and the challenge of seeing if my toon can survive. And from what I have noticed lately and I know I have been gone for sometime now that the servers are really hammered. Meaning REALLY BUGGY and I would like to appoligize if anyone has suffered due to my accidental overspawns and in the future I will limit my self to either 4 player servers or private servers to do these Most wonderful laggy acts of power lvling

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Ah thanx evilmale.


Just to clarify though it's only private servers that are ok for overspawning and that there needs to be fair warning either by title or to warn people when they enter your server. If it is being done even in a 4 player server then we run the risk of someone entering your game which can result in the risk of someone suffering the lag caused by it. People can be quick to point fingers so the rule is to do it on a private server only and to warn people when they enter your private server. I would suggest password protecting it. :o

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yeah I was just thinking about that after I made this post. now my only questions is who is ready to help power level me another 30 level's to beable to play in kami tommorow

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