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Nameless escort quest bugged


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I have a problem with an escort quest where I need to "escort this family to the next village". It's an automatic quest you receive when helping the family that are being attacked by undead at this lake (screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/nUG1Jah). After defeating the undead that are attacking them. You have to escort this family to a village. But as you see on the screenshot. The marker stays in the middle of the lake. And I don't know where this village is where I have to escort them to.

Here is another screenshot that shows their names, maybe that helps more with identifying what quest this is and where to bring them (screenshot: https://imgur.com/oGBPmPu). Since it seems that the quest isn't visible in my quest log. And when hovering over the characters (this usually show the respective quest on their health bar), it doesn't show the quest. But instead remains empty.

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Hello.  This particular quest is a new addition in Addendum so you probably want to get @dimitrius154 to review the implementation.  The marker should point to Clearview and the quest shouldn't be nameless in the log if all the strings are present.

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15 hours ago, Flix said:

This particular quest is a new addition in Addendum

The one once you enter Bengaresh, west-west from Tyr-Lysia point of entry? It's been around at least since 1.50, I've never altered it, at least knowingly.

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Attack of the Undead, first implemented in EE 3.2 / D2F v15.  Quest id = 1390,

The user mentioned in another thread he was using Addendum. There might be a missing string for the title.  3022768959    Attack of the Undead

Not sure about the quest pointer.

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