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Hello and Nice to meet you everybody :)

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I'm H.
I'm afraid I haven't read any other introductions so I don't know if there's any specific etiquette that I should follow. 
In my defense I had no idea this part of the forum existed, until I was made aware of it by (I want to say Mr.) gogoblender on my first post.

My History with Sacred (1) -or- Why I feel an unstoppable urge to play Sacred every Summer
Having rushed from there to here to introduce myself proper - now I realize that I don't know where to start from.
I was introduced to Sacred in around 2004-2005. I had just moved to a new school and met a dear new friend. Not long after getting to know 
one another he invited me over to his place. We managed to arrive at his place before his mom, so we could hop on the PC for a bit before she
came an had to use it for work. As you can imagine he said look at this and started Sacred, the OG very sunny Start Menu appeared (I love UW but miss it everyday)
and he loaded his Seraphim an started fighting orcs and undead at NIGHT in the middle of a desert.

For some context I had played Diablo II and other ARPGS (like NoX, love that game) but to be fair while I liked them I didn't like-LIKE them :D 
Sacred had some other magic, however, somehow the world seemed a lot more magical in a very natural kind of way (the hidden magical places definitely didn't hurt haha)
Diablo, for me, while a great game had a world that felt crafted, created, put together - you could see the artist in the work, which I take as a huge negative if one is to immerse themselves
in a world. Sacred for me was like learning there's magic in the world, entering your dresser and coming out on the other side in a magical world that is as natural as the one you came from
and it seems like it has always existed. In other words it just felt right. 

Fun fact, my first character was a battle mage ;) (my latest is also a battle mage)

Every year during summer break I'd be sent off out of town to one set of grandparents or another. However, I'd been given a PC for my birthday earlier in the year so I'd be out of town, but not
out of Ancaria haha. I'd play outside in the early hours of the day and when the heat (and my desire to play) got too unbearable I went inside hopped on. I loved hearing all the ambient sounds 
and songs of Sacred when I played at night and the wind coming from the balcony would blend in with the sounds coming from the speakers.

After some time of playing on and off (it isn't an easy game if you're a child that isn't reading the DarkMatters guides and doesn't understand any of the mechanics) 
I, through some coincidence found that Underworld had released! I called my buddy this time to my place and as we opened the game we saw the two new Characters at level 25! 
We quickly started a new Underworld campaign as the Daemon and - she... could... FLY! We were absolutely lost for words, and we couldn't stop talking about it - not to mention that 
the Underworld was as eerie as can be. 

Again I played on and off for at least another 2-3 years and then another summer came, but this time I stayed in town, this time, however, everybody else was out of town so I was at home
with my trusty computer. For some reason a mystical force guided me to Wolfe's Lair... I had never read guides on games or even thought about mechanics. I just played them and picked what 
looked cool! :D 
   I swear I think I played at most 2-3 hours of Sacred that week, the other time was spent going over everything on that site. I then spent another week of just testing this and that to make sure it 
   was all right, it all seemed like someone telling you magic is real and giving you a guide on how to perform it yourself, I couldn't just take the words for granted as it seemed to good to be true.
As I was reading this and that and clicking here and there I found myself clicking on the Forum button - and for the first time I saw someone put all this magical knowledge together to make something great.
I did say that my first Sacred love was the Battle Mage - so having that information you can probably guess which build I found and replicated first - Csaszar's Gow BM guide! 
I remember hitting level after level and finishing the Ancaria Campaign shortly before summer and one Friday after school I met up with my friend, we went to his place, ordered pizza and I copied my save over.
Then proceeded to blow his brain - he'd never seen anything like this and we got through a large part of the Campaign that night. 

My History with Sacred (2)
Here's a little secret - that time we ate pizza and played the Underworld Campaign - it was after Fallen Angel had released. 
My friend had told me about it, even sent me a trailer, for some reason I was really against it, I now feel that subconsciously I feared that capturing 
lighting in a bottle once was a miracle and there's no way they could do it again, as I said earlier, while Diablo felt made and put together, Sacred felt found - like a relic 
that has always existed and the developers just dusted it off and placed it in a nice looking display case. So in one of the breaks of blowing everything to pieces with my
Battle Mage - he, again, showed me something. I don't know how or from where, but he'd gotten a Demo for Fallen Angel and I, while of course saying that it was okay but 
the first one was better was secretly falling in love again. I saw the same magic, it was there! So I saved up money and got it as soon as I could.
Disaster would strike, however, while I did have the game - my old trusty computer was in fact - old, too old to play Sacred II. So I had to sit on my hands, look at the 
Game's case lovingly daydream while waiting for the next big holiday, I think it took at least another half a year. (now that's real pain!)

Soon as I could run it I steamrolled through the Light campaign with the High Elf and Shadow Warrior and I loved it. The OST is glorious and I still listen to it every day. 
I never again compared it to the first game, it was to me like a separate wonderful Ancarian universe with its own way of doing things different, yet familiar. 
I played some multiplayer while the servers were online and those were of the best days of my gaming life, I am incredibly saddened that I never did play Sacred 1 online
as it always intimidated me when I was younger.

I never got that deeply into its mechanics though, I sort of reverted to "I use this because it is cool!"

Where I am now and Where do I want to go?
   To be quite frank, making new characters and builds in Sacred 1 was too fun for me to settle down and go past Platinum into Niobium and beat both campaigns. 
Now I've decided, however, that I'm sticking to one character and am making the trek! 

   After this I want to read up on Sacred 2's mechanics and really dive into it - I've never played the Blood and Ice expansion although I've bought it twice lol.
I think that I might go crazy with all of the little choices the game gives you such as the little talents trees for each skill and planning all sorts of "off-meta" or 
as I've taken to calling them 'odd-fun builds' / or / 'optimizing for fun' haha.
   Finally, after getting my fair share of Sacred 2, I'd probably go back and forth between the two. 
It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I've never really played with the Seraphim, Vampiress and Daemon in any meaningful way :O and I've barely touched the 
Dark Elf :sweating:

A great dream of mine is, of course, finding a great group of friends here and getting to play either Sacred with them as regularly as our schedules allow :)

Here's a few questions I have for you folks:
I've decided to test a very unusual build (Sacred 1), using stats, mechanics and techniques of/for scaling that I don't think were meant as the main sources of Offense and Defense 
in a build that if it works - it would because of the breadth of builds that Sacred's great itemization allows for. Is there a place in the forums where I can journal my progress
and whatever findings I may stumble upon and I think more importantly - would there be interest for one such On-going Build/Character Journal? :)

~~ If you've had the patience to read all of this, thank you and nice to meet you :)

P.S. As far as I'm concerned nothing after Blood and Ice bearing the Sacred name exists, neither does DeepSilver (lol, only half joking about this), that's my unwavering stance on that.


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Hi Timotheus, thank you for the warm embrace :)

After writing my intro, I went back and read the first page of intros and I read the following in Munk's post:

"I return because the game is great, and warm, and human.  I find peace and sometimes even a little joy playing."

Exactly what I was trying to say, but said quite a bit better in a lot less words :D 

And after reading the rest I was left with the impression that somehow, someway all our paths share more similarities than differences and even converge in some places.
I feel that Sacred has an ethereal kind of quality to it, there could be a carbon copy of it tomorrow but it won't feel the same. It might seem trite, but to me it really does feel
like the difference between cooking with and without love, same ingredients but somehow a different result. Using today's lingo, Ascaron definitely cooked :D :D

You definitely should jot it down @ me when you do, would love to read it.
Also - the games can and should definitely be enjoyed multiplayer as well, back in the day I think we used Hamachi to 'fake' a local network, I assume there are still options. 

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Posted (edited)

But no Battle Mage though haha. (also nice to meet you idbeholdME :) )
My take is this, and please don't take it as a challenge to your preference of Sacred 2, it's more like a self-rationalization for why a lot of folks who started with Sacred 1 don't like the 2nd and vice versa.
   I feel that both games are as similar as the original Titan Quest is to contemporary Grim Dawn (same devs) and as different as the original Titan Quest is to contemporary Grim Dawn :D 
   I'd even go as far as to say that Titan Quest and Grim Dawn share more direct mechanics(the skill trees among other things) than Sacred 1 shares with Fallen Angel.

In a sense they're so different that any sort of comparison is completely dominated by the initial bias it started with, in other words if you're looking at Sacred 2 to be a better Sacred 1, you'll still prefer Sacred 1 
and if you're looking for Sacred 1 to be at all like Sacred 2, you'd still prefer the 2nd. 
To me, as I said in the opening post, after I got over my initial skepticism, when I'd compare the two to somehow discredit Fallen Angel in-case it didn't live up to Sacred's magic - I just stopped comparing them, it had (for me) the Ascaronian touch. So I treat it like its own thing, that all sounds so defensive and weird but it's my perception on it, which is why I feel comparing the two really does neither any good. One area where it's really easy to spot this difference is in the art style. They carried almost nothing from the first game in terms of tone, with it being very serious and dark in a lot of aspects, where the second feels a lot lighter both literally and metaphorically. Both great, just different. 

What I really miss in Sacred 1 from having played the 2nd though, and please don't laugh at me - the friggin' Ragdolls - they are so satisfying, I just can't. Get a large weapon with the Shadow Warrior, do a large Area of Effect-type sweeping attack and watch 'em fly. I think the ambiance in both is stellar, but objectively speaking I think my favorite Sacred music is from the 2nd. Oh and the shared stash, I hate the whole dance we have to do with Multiplayer saves in the first game in order to transfer a ring or anything else. I do love the much cleaner treatment of Saves and Exports in the first, but it's what allowed for item duplication in the first place. Oh, and the F12 Teleport in multiplayer (it was F12 for the Haven's Isle right?) that was crazy convenient. 

... and my biggest pet peeve for both is the lack of a way to respec skills and attributes. I get this in games that don't have enough content and use punishing mechanics to stretch playtime with alts, but Sacred is anything but content-starved.

Did you have anything that stood out to you from playing the first game, even something that you might prefer - at all or did it all blend together in a sort of a forgettable experience - and also really irked you?
Even more importantly what were your first impressions, it's wild to me to imagine starting with Sacred 2 with no context of the original and then going back.

P.S. the covermount version was a DEMO right? I can't imagine buying a magazine and getting this gem.

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Hey Schot!
Another legend in the house! :D 
Love the Galloping Infernal and I've definitely seen it before, but you can't make me play a WIDD build ever haha.
I get very uneasy when my HP isn't full, most likely because I spec into defenses late if at all, I love my glass cannons - especially if they're melee lol. 
They add a bit of thrill, but I'd say WIDD would be too much thrill :D

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5 hours ago, idbeholdME said:

Nope. The full Fallen Angel. Czech Republic and Slovakia to an extent used to be bastions of covermount games. I have tons of full games from gaming magazines, be it LEVEL or Score. From late nineties to mid 2010s.

This is absolutely nuts, I'm very, very jealous, but also very happy for you haha 
I did the good ol' 'save lunch money for a 2-3 weeks' to buy a game - so it better be good!

Yeah, the Ancaria Campaign's boss really is disappointing, so I always treated the dragons/zone bosses as the real bosses :D
I can't comment on Niobium scaling though, as I suffer from excessive Alt-itis and usually can't get past Platinum before I make another one and start from scratch. 
What you say about the loot dilution is actually a big part of that - I'd be playing with character X and something would drop and make me think of a weird build with character Y, then 
I'd be planning the build in a notepad, save it on my desktop - and before you know it I can't stop thinking about it and can't wait to try it out... and in the process of trying out... you get the picture.
I'm really working on getting to Niobium this time though. 

5 hours ago, idbeholdME said:

you are going to be playing around death safety feature (you can't be killed for a couple of seconds once you get the low health warning) all the time.

Huh, I've always wondered what that was, but always assumed that it activated if you were very close to dying, not necessarily at 0hp or below. I've also not experienced with dragons in my most recent playthrough (glassy very in-progress character) but I'm essentially on 2 hits from the dragon and if I fail to move out of the way the 2nd hit would always get me (thanks for the save) and never get the stars around my head.

In regards to the Story I think they followed a general principle of (still followed to this day by many games) - simple story with simple motivations and Good worldbuilding for those who do want to lore-hunt via  books and quests. I would've also appreciated a more narratively complex and nuanced campaign - but I'm not sure how well it would've done with players, since ARPGs aren't known to be a good vehicle for storytelling and thus the target audience has very different expectations, and a branching narrative with in-world consequences would've definitely bankrupted them way before release.

I'll try to get back to you on balance once I reach Niobium.

What were you Defense values/Chance to get Hit I'm wondering?
(since it's the first layer of defense and generally much better than Protection, which armor gives - I've never had a problem with a Glad with good defense and Heroic Courage, but then again that's only up to Plat)

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