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Hi guys,

Well after a few postings I would like to officially apply for membership to Dark Matters.


I am (well was) a very fanatic Sacred player. I have frequented the SIF in the past (oh the glorious days of bug fixing) and have been a very active member of Clan DA.

I, like most of you I imagine, are just hanging out for Sacred2.


As of today I have resigned from clan DA in the hope that you guys will accept me into your fold.


In all honesty, I am not a great knowledgeable player. I don't come to this clan bearing gifts. I am just me.

And so who is me? Well.....

I love to have a chat in forums.

I love computers and the games played on them.

I am a married guy (old) with a couple of teenage daughters (why does god hate me so) and a son who lives far away :cha (18):

I am honest and open.....sometimes blunt, but never meaning to be hurtful.

I have posted in your forums and enjoyed your feedback and friendship. :cha (18):

I am also so looking forward to Sacred2.


Please consider me for membership.




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why does god hate me so


:cha (18):



Ah stubbie. I don't doubt that your decision was a very difficult one. We are both humbled and excited by your wish to join into the folds my friend. You've certainly been around through it all, haha. Oh those days of bug fixing eh.


We'll get the discussion going straight away stubbie and be sure to PM in 1 week! :cha (18):

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:cha (18):


This probably must have been a very tough decision for you. I'm just happy you're doing what you feel right doing, it's all we can ever really hope for and pretty much the only thing that makes us happy deep down. You're a steadfast member of the game, and I just all smiles when I saw the app.


If this means we get to see even more of your smiles here on this board, fantastic!


:cha (18):





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I'm sure you will be a great member of Dark just as you have been of DA mate :cha (18):


I've only played in sacred and GW a few times with you but you are one of those people that it's always a pleasure to bump into.


Look after him, he is definatley one of the good guys :cha (18):

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