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Unofficial Sacred Patch

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  • 5 months later...

Extremely old but whatever lol, just now came across this...does not work, I run the batch file and I get an error

"Please wait, Patching...Error: Old file have a different MD5!"

this is the steam version of sacred gold but I don't think that matters, I do have retail but my disks are in storage, I did install veteran mod last night though.


EDIT: found my disks and installed, works fine for the most part, just doesn't wanna open half the time and I have yet to get into a lan with myself, once both are loaded, I lose connection on the one hosted, and the other cannot see the server cause it crashed....took vet mod out for steam version, still errors. going to test out more stuff to see if I can get both versions to work.

Late reply, but better late than never.


The Steam version seems to be different. If the MD5 checksum does not match, the patch can't be applied. It would need some reworking to get it working for that version and of course I would need the Steam version, which I dont have and it costs 10€ which is a lot for Sacred Gold.


However it does work with the retail gold version as well as with the Underworld retail patched to 2.28.


For the problems with LAN: The problem you discripe was never been reported to me. However there is a problem with the timer of the gameserver on multicore CPU's. It just uses the wrong timer method. This can be fixed with another unofficial patch by me, but I dont know if it works with the english version: http://www.sacredvault.org/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item31


The problem with that it does not start half of the time is a known ATI graphics card specific problem. Unfortunatly no fix existing for it. You just have to retry until it starts up. However it works just fine with nVidia cards.


Also my webspace is gone. You can still get the 2.29 english patch here: http://www.sacredvault.org/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item46

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  • 3 months later...

Okay, just wasn't sure if the "internal stuff" mentioned referred to any of those fixes. Thanks.

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Hi, new here, but just a simple question to ask. Does the 2.29 patch contain any quest related bugfixes, such as the Riddle in the Desert's out of order bug?

Welcome to Darkmatters Iressivor!





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  • 3 months later...

Link doesn't work anymore :(


"www.gametreasure.de is unavailable or may not exist"


I had also found a way to patch the steam version up to 2.29.


Basically I used a program to extract the .exe (7zip I think it was) and then once extracted I pasted the contents into sacred's install directory. I will test confirm this if I manage to get my hands on the patch.



Found a link for the english version of the patch here:

http://www.sacredvault.org/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item46 (Just seen that Thorium had posted it above :P should've read the thread properly)

Attempting to apply to steam version now.

Update 2:

Unable to patch as I did before, I think the patch is in a different format as before I recall it being just a single exe file.

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Thanks for the feedback Chazrp

It's sad seeing less resources available for the game with all the sites there were before

We'll have to try and find as much as we can and try to organize more, so that the least is lost

And welcome to DarkMatters!





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  • 3 years later...
On 2/17/2018 at 0:41 PM, Thorium said:

3 years later, but maybe still a relevant question.

Here is the full list of changes, including internal changes:

  • Added code to load global.res from hard disk instead of the encrypted resource, enables texts to be modded
  • removed encrypted global.res from .exe saving 2mb in file size
  • removed cheat codes to get space for own code
  • multi-instancing, run Sacred multiple times at once
  • multiplayer crash fixed
  • changed display of version number without changing internal version to stay compatible to closed A.Net
  • debugger freeze fixed
  • changed loading of balance.bin to use a hard coded path, we did this change for our mod loader, which would patch the pathes of files to get them loaded from the mod directory
  • black screen fixed, when using another window in lobby, specifically so you can sit in the chat lobby of A.Net and use your browser or anything else while still be able to read the lobby chat

Thanks Thorium!

It's brilliant that there's still love for this game after all these years.

Thanks for the update, and still giving to to the community




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  • 2 months later...

To patch the Steam version of Sacred Gold to 2.29, extract the .exe from this zip into your Sacred folder and use it to start the game instead of starting it over Steam. Example path to the Sacred Gold installation: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred Gold"

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  • 1 year later...
2 hours ago, Dax said:

Hello and welcome!

Sacred Reborn has Thorium´s patch included, as far as I know. Give SRB a try! You won´t be disappointed.

Yes highly recommended:


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Yeah I am using it from a couple of days. 

However one thing just does not make any sense to me. If they could make the buffs last longer, why on earth make it more than 1 minute?

It just does not make any sense, if a buff originally lasts for 45 seconds making it last 60 seconds is literally almost no difference, I still have to buff each minute or so.

It blows my mind why they didn't make it longer, or at least make I scale like 10 seconds extra each level.

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Is your question about Thorium´s patch solved so far?

SRB is balanced well, but the more changes you make, the more you have to consider. If you pull on a single thread, the entire
carpet moves. Especially Combat Arts and Spells are difficult to balance. The chance that you overpower them is high, because
everyone of us has his own pet-character. A deep insight is needed, hours of playtime, followed by hours and hours of playtesting.

However. I suggest to continue the discussion somewhere where MetaL, or Starling can see it. They will surely answer your

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