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Happy Birthday Gogoblender!!

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Cheers to you dude on your birthday. You work hard around the house here and I hope you'll do well to take some time to yourself. But just in case... I've wrapped up something special for yah. Remember what seems like years ago now when you whimpered about needing an avy overhaul? Well... How's this for an overhaul? Happy Birthday dude! :)


Errrr... Sorry about the lag, eh heh..


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hbd gogo. It's been great knowing you through Dark - you and Schot have done a really remarkable job here.


My wishes for all the best go to you on your day.


. . . but I think I need a pair of those Mal-Orc-A sunglsses here -- whoo! :cool:

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Happy birthday Gogo!


But I have to agree with gial, sun on fresh shiny snow can be dimmer than your new avatar ;-)


So take a day off and join us in kami today ....

We'll get you a pair of mal-orc-a sunglasses to go with your new avatar :-)

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Thanks you guys! I've been feted and wined by my friends from this friday starting at five o'clock after work, lol...and my birthday was only this Sunday, so I'm just sort of nursing a *cough* small hangover :cool: while getting ready now to meet up at my relatives house for a good ole fashioned home-cooked curry.


Schot, the new avatar is wonderful, thank you!


I have to ask... how many levels is there on the rotation animation? Everytime I keep trying to count them I lose track after five. The detail on this is painstaking and the new color palette is so fresh... I'm going to enjoy passing out sunglasses to everyone who has to look it just because it seems like the avatar is that much more brilliant :P


I enjoy every day on this site, but today you've all made it even more special.


Thank you





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