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DarkMatters Presents - Interview with Nightwolfe

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Nightwolfe :D


Long time no hear...glad to see you're doing fine :D


Yeah I has been quite some time Knuckles! Thanks hun and I hope you are doing good as well :bye:



Hey hey NightWolfe.


Big hugz to ya, and glad to hear that you are still around.


Gratz on landing a job, and I hope it works out.


Gone down the console route now, eh ? There sure has been some good games to be played on those bad boys, and they have moved on a hell of a lot over the years.


How's that Fallout New Vegas going ? I lurved FO3, very cool game.............well, the ending didn't quite cut it, but I got a lot o' fun hours outta the game.


All the best,


Steve. :)


Thanks for the congrats! Yeah New Vegas is almost better than FO3, which I also loved! It added a bunch of new perks and craft stuff which is really cool, plus the world is just a big smaller so not quite as daunting :D What I really can't wait for is the latest Elder Scrolls, coming out soon! :yay:



Awesome...like the Bat phone!


Hehe yep, exactly! :superman:




I'm sorry hearing you're still plagued by these electrical problems. Did they happen while you had Sacred original, or is this something that only started happening often around the time you got Sacred 2?


Oh it has destroyed 6 computers since I moved it, but they were all older used one so we didn't realize what the problem was until around Sacred 2 when I husband spent a fortune building a super computer and it died 6 months later :blowup:



Nice work with the job! And...analyist? zomgod, nightwolfe, you've done well!. Remember that first day you started using web code at Dagirl's forum? From that to web analyist? You are great model of passion powering career... bravo


Yep, moving up in the world since the days of teaching myself web design bit by bit as I decided I wanted to add something new to the site. ;)



Do you still have a copy of Sacred 2...is your new comp able to run it at all? Any chance of you being able to be teased to come back to Sacred world?


I do, but honestly Sacred 2 was such a huge disappointment to me that I've totally boycotted it :angry:



I'm glad to hear that she is still around. I hope things improve for her rapidly.


Thanks! Me too :D

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And...almost ten years later, I thought out of adoration for the gamiere of this game a boost of affection and respect.  She started it all and the site's still up and going... Thanks Spock!




Just gotta love her front page huh :heart:









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5 minutes ago, ~Night.Wolfe~ said:

Wow what a blast from the past, thanks Gogo!

I love re reading all the interviews! It's like they step into my reality.. I can "hear" their voices... though I dont think I've actually ever hard Lisa's voice before




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I fell into a little bit of a history hole today, looking at Wolfe's Lair and visiting DA's forum. 
Glad to see you still sticking around :) And I can't believe I missed this topic!

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7 hours ago, Timotheus said:

I fell into a little bit of a history hole today, looking at Wolfe's Lair and visiting DA's forum. 
Glad to see you still sticking around :) And I can't believe I missed this topic!

Yah aint she great :heart: ... Timo she also made a few posts in when she just got back in this thread here:






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