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Happy Birthday Silearth

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Thanks guys.


The days leading up to my birthday have been pretty horrible, but I expect that things will get better. As for tonight.....well I am not sure if it's an Indonesian thing or just a tradition in my wife's family but I guess I have to buy dinner for everyone.


I tried to hide, but they found me. :)


The kids asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told them if they could give me a single day where no one cries or fights....that would be the perfect present.


Not holding my breath on that one. :)

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HAppy Birthday Sil and if your kids do give you what you want for your birthday can they teach mine how to make it to give to me on mine ? (they currently as I type this are at separate ends of the house under a silence edict with threats of spankings for the next one who talks .... )

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Sil, happy birthday my friend!


lol, I hope you got to bake bread, cook wonders, eat tons and enjoy today with everyone who loves you. Come on...one of our site chefs must have tales of cullinary delights to tell. Share them with the fans and make us drool.


Happy Birthday Silearth





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All the best to you Sil. As for that present -- you will receive it in about 15 to 18 years -- once the youngest is off to college and no one is around any more.


Of course, by then you'll want something different: A day when you can all be together.

Take care amigo.



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