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What's the weather like over there?

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Westwind and sunny. There was something red in the top of one of my pear trees two days ago. Using a pole I removed it and it was a deflated balloon from a balloon release/race. Sender was a 8 year ol

A bola would probably end with me strangled. Never used one. Our cow dog can now catch a frisbee in 8 feet height. Perhaps a bit more training and a sausage for each multicopter ? Or he could track

We had 2 storm days with ice and hail this week. But today at easter sunday morning: swallows are back, first butterflies fly around and most important: The holy easter ants left their underground wi

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I saw sunlight yesterday.... *shocked* and more this morning....but the weatherman is doing a rain dance for later this week .... remind me to break his legs so he cant summon more of the wet damp icky stuff ...

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Just ended first warm days, weather was around +20C all last week. Now it's been +10C - +12C, clear wheater whit cold wind. Haven't seen snow anywhere in atleast a month.. (oh noes, what happens to de polarbears :blink: j/k)

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It's already 10:30 pm here and yet the temperature is 31 C. Looks like it's going to rain because I see a lot of cockroaches outside and it's also quite humid.

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Ohh cool. I'm happy you have a sunny day. :lol:


Ok now could anyone blow these grey clouds away? :D

Ahhh I wish it was sunny again.

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we had a bit of rain this morning and last night, now its sort of sunny, and kinda wet... not too warm, busted out the long-sleeved shirt today (probably the last time I will wear it for 5 months) lol. take care all



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It started off cold, foggy with some wind. Made it to work, and settled in behind the comps... lo and behold, the glorious sun makes it's appearance an hour later, burning away every grey morning whisp.


Another brilliant day here in Montreal.





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Mek, I'm seeing some great weather as well here, love it at six in the morning when even the weather is boosting us for the day. Let's not forget it's friday folks!






p.s. Telari, summer's so short, when winter comes back, you'll probably want the hot weather back! :)

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about 50 degrees here with an expected high of 64 and mostly sunny... the rain doesnt come until sunday/monday :-( And it will drop in temp so that the higher elevations (mountains) may get snow instead of rain)

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