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What's the weather like over there?

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Westwind and sunny. There was something red in the top of one of my pear trees two days ago. Using a pole I removed it and it was a deflated balloon from a balloon release/race. Sender was a 8 year ol

A bola would probably end with me strangled. Never used one. Our cow dog can now catch a frisbee in 8 feet height. Perhaps a bit more training and a sausage for each multicopter ? Or he could track

We had 2 storm days with ice and hail this week. But today at easter sunday morning: swallows are back, first butterflies fly around and most important: The holy easter ants left their underground wi

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Hey guys!



We're getting our share of the warmies, over here today too. Woke up at about 6.45 am in the morning here, can't seem to stop the work clock from invading my weekends :viking:


It's gonna be another scorchah




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You're all so lucky! :whip:

Its about 22C tops here at the moment, we get about 2 hours of sun for every three of rain, at least thats how its been the last few weeks

Give us some proper sunshine!



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smiley-channel.de_technik014.gifTalk about the daily grind, I just went on line and got a new computer. Shut my old one down and it crashed. Talk about timing ! I have to wait another week before I get my new one so for the first time in 2.5 years I am on vm in ogame. Can you say withdrawal symptoms?60.gif
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heh, Cykes it's cool seeing you give us weather from Australia now. And go buy yourself a sweater before you catch cold!


It's actually coolish here... great walk to the store to buy some hot chocolate for me this morning. oooh, Sausage Egg Mcmuffin...caling...





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prob heading towards 100 degF again today. way sunny, which you got to watch out for nasty burns at nearly a mile altitude. is ok if not outside much. humidity up with thunderstorms, so 2 swamp coolers do not work well at cooling, so house like 75degF all day, sweating bullets. hoping for a dry spell, humidity is murder.


wife did buy a hottub, so we turned down temperature and made it a pool with jets and bubbles. dogs still going in ponds daily :4rofl:

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COLDDDDD:) I wish! This is like the hottest summer ive ever lived through...in New York City it's been in the 90s(Fahrenheit...what is that 30-40 degrees celsius?...darned metric system :P) and the humidity makes it feel in the hundreds (or friggin hot in celsius :4rofl:). Try using the NYC subway everyday....ah the kinda heat where you feel the sweat drip right down yer spine into your crack. TMI? misery loves company ;)

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COLDDDDD? Yes! :4rofl:


Really cold here. The whole evening, night and this morning was like in the rain forest. Rainiiiing


Cold is ok by me, but poor 'lil doggy freezing out there. =(

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NYC's not run when it's hot, Locutus. I spent a few summers there with relatives, and the humidity takes you by surprise. Can you say smother? Tomi, here's a gift for da doggee







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