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Application to Apprentice Myself and Learn from the Masters of DARK Matters.

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Hail and Well Met fellow adventurers.

I come before ye, a humble supplicant, seeking knowledge most dark and rare. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


Please grant me membership in thy fellowship. :P


I have met members of your clan and find their company most jovial and lighthearted. :P


Their company does bring laughter to a tired soul at the end of a hard and busy day. :(:P


Thank you for you consideration.


Yours in Fellowship,

The Lord of the Northern Realm



P. S. Mom said she would hurt me if I didn't apply. :butcher::4rofl::)

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Finally Lord!

Thank god for Mom and her might head shoots! :blink:


On the official part. :)

Nice to see you applying we will forward the application internally and get back to you. ;)

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Sacred's power of attraction never seized to amaze me.


Besides, Its always a good thing to meet new people. Cheers :blink:

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Great seeing the app, Lord

As Kat mentionned, there is now a nom/vote thread for your probation here for Clan. We'll have it all settled within the week and you'll get the answer right after.


Keep posting and playing!






p.s. and yeah, I know what you mean about a place being relaxing to go to after work. :)

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Hey hey Lord!


Great to see your application my friend and I have no doubt you'll add heartily to the joviality of D.a.r.k. :) That Genenut sure is an influential one huh. :blink:

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