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The "last seen" thread

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The Incredible Hulk (Hulk 2)


Now that is a very bad movie OMG.


awww...Jib, was planning on seeing it :4rofl:


I sort of felt the first one was a bit underrated. Yeah it was weird, and the director's taken on trying to make it "feel" like a comic book didn't turn out that well. But there are still some very well done scenes that empathize with the Hulk's plight of victim/superheroe.





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Hmm been watching a few movies these time...


Journey to the Center of the Earth ------ well it's weird.


Cleaner ------ Loved it! Very nice one.


Bangkok Dangerous ----- Again, an interesting good one.


Street Kings ----- Oh it's nice :) Good one.


The Kingdom ----- A gooooooood movie!


Day of the Dead ----- An interesting horror.


And soon going to watch:


Will be updated. :music:





Enjoy! :)

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Quantum Of Solace!


It was good, but meh, the first Daniel Craig one is better (Casino Royale) mostly because this is mostly a continuation of Casino Royale



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series - Dexter


very nice enterntaining and phylosophical. psychopatic massmurder is the main character. Normal life during the day, emotionless killer during the night.


The most fertile man in Irelnad - would like to see that. sounds funny, what is it about?


edit> oh let me guess > it is about the most fertile man in Irelnad, am I right? :)

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