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Winning is Everything.

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I love reading stories like these. Everyone is soooo caught in winning that sportsmanship sometimes take a back seat. Real classy act by the opposing team especially considering it knocked them out of the tournament

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lol myles... That's quite ironic now that you mention it. The poor girl was probably in terrible pain and no longer cared about the game. She was probably wondering "What the heck are they doing to me?! I need a doctor not a base run!"


A shining example of great sportsmanship to be sure. A very nice article to read. Thanx Spock. :twitch:


wcco.com - Usual Sportsmanship Puts Softballers In Spotlight



How to post a youtube video on DarkMatters.

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... direct link to youtube ...


Thanks, I wasn't sure what was required for a direct link. It seems like you require more for the youtube link than I do on my forum. All I need is the ID number.


The link I use is:


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Ah yup. We've got the same thing here. Ours is:



If you click on this image you'll see the Youtube option that is found from the drop down menu.



Optionally we also have the below for high quality if the Youtube video of choice is available in High Quality. Your video just so happens to be available in high quality which makes for a great example. :thumbsup:



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Ah yup. We've got the same thing here. ...


Thanks! You probably have that listed in a FAQ somewhere but you know how us newbs are, never read anything ... :thumbsup:


I like your "Insert Special Item" drop-down menu. It keeps everything much more organized than the way I have it on my forum.

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