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Critical in Requiem BloodMare

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I have to say I dont understand critical at all now


I was assured that MND does add to spell crit chance, dexterity maybe adds to melee crit. Fine. Played around with equipment a bit, the MND part seemed to be correct. Ok.

Now ths morning I partied up a bit and a guy claimed that it was actually INT that boosted crit chance… it stuck in my head as INT indeed would be of less importance if it only added to spell damage.

So I tested again… and now complete confusion. I couldnt find items with high INT, no MND stats and vice versa, so these are definitely not facts… I cant find reliable facts on this game at all. :) But anyway


Int seemed to improve "Skill Crit Additonal"

Mnd seemed to improve "Skill Crit Chance"


Halp! ;) needs more testing, somebody halp :whistle:

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I did testing on this as well, after you mentioned it yesterday... mind DOES affect skill crit chance... I did some tests with it on and off, and I saw the delta. When I get back from work today, I'll do more testing on this...wish I could understand korean





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I've absolutely seen that more mind gives me more skill critical chance. I'm figgering that this increases my chance of my fireball doing a crit hit. You guys have any more ideas about this?


I'm very often stuck now between taking more int, and more crit... the very interesting thing is that I'm now wearing two pieces of Frezie and two pieces of Sound...so, I"m coming ahead with TWO bonuses... five more to each. lol, was a tough call when the second piece of each was the same one...but luckily just two days ago, I lucked out with a new piece of Frezia...and now am running with both bonuses!





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This is a tough one, havent really decided what I prefer atm for my shaman. :woot:


INT: Every 1 INT adds 0.3 spell damage, 5 INT adds 1 skill critical addition dmg.

MND: Every 1 MND adds 4 MP, every 4 MND adds 1 HP rest to heal spells. Every 5 MND adds 1 to MP Recovery, Every 1MND adds 0.018 skill crit chance


Currently at my level my mana pool is around 1200 and MP regen around 75. When soloing I can handle 3 elite mobs with occasional resting but normally the spawn rate makes me regenerate enough mana to keep spamming fireballs etc at almost a constant interval, eg as soon as one spawn I start to blast :yay: . Ohh, I try to use fireball less now as I got burning hell, totems etc that preserves mana more and just use fireballs to finish the mobs of.


This has made me focus on int gear more than mnd gear so my current prefered order for gear or reinforcement is INT > MANA > REGEN > MND . In short, the more overall dmg I dish out the less mana I use and faster they go down.

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Great info Ganto



And you've just made my decision even that much harder! :P


I guess I'll just see how my shaman "plays" out till level 50, and take him from there. So far kill speed seems decent, and he's not dying too much.





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