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Requiem Dice Etiquette for Rare Items

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I am truly glad things. Worked out for you guys over there in requiem. And that you guys now have a ground base to stand on with your runs. And stubbs the points I was making were just in general I have nothing but love for everyone here in FDM. I was also stating that some of the things Schot was touching on I have seen else where and the big culture shock of going from a hack n slash type gaming community that I faced and the unwritten rules a lot of these players go by.


And as I stated in my last post on this thread I am truly sorry that Family had to go through it but unfortunately it is sometimes unavoidable.

Games like Sacred and Guild Wars are truly small gaming communities compare to what some of our Fellowship and forum members are venturing into now. I can honestly say that I Love both aspects of the gaming world we play in and that I enjoy Being part of FDM and the values we hold together as a fellowship and guild. It reassures me daily that their are pure and honest gamers out there. That game for the pure enjoyment and not to be the best.


So from the bottom of my heart ladies and gents. I thank you for being a part of my life and for your continued friendships.





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So from the bottom of my heart ladies and gents. I thank you for being a part of my life and for your continued friendships.


Awwww.....group hug :twitch:


But what evil has said is what I believe in too.

This clan is a group of people that have a common respect for each other.

Of coarse we may need rules at times for the more *political* type questions,

but the question about drops and who is entitled to what when a clan gets together imho should not be a concern when we meet together as a guild.


I mean really,,,,,,,,,,is there any amongst us that would be so selfish as not give a guild mate an item they needed. I think not!


I really didn't mean to contribute to this thread anymore but I guess I just cant keep my mouth shut :oooo:



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schot said:

"I stroooongly disagree with the statement that this "unwritten rule" is an indication of who is nice... More on that is I find the statement particularly manipulative. The statement not the person. I really hope I read that wrong but what it speaks to me is that if I do not follow this way of thinking then surely I must not be a nice player. I've seen that sort of statement before in many shapes and forms and it's widely known as peer pressure. A statement made to impose conformity among those who have a different belief. And I have never done well with peer pressure. Again, I'm hoping I completely misunderstood and is merely a case of me putting my foot in my mouth, haha."


you are peer pressuring us about peer pressure, and yes we do have oppinios but some are correct and some are wrong :). it is mathematicaly proven that cooperation leads to better results in overall aspect, but not cooperating bring best results for individuals (short term effect)


the whole problem here is to separate good guys from bad gus. Good guys are in your guild and bad guys is the rest (not a rule but aproximation)... roll for everything if you play with peps outside of guild. It is the best solution. Share with guild members. thats the other part of best solution. well not the best solution but most optimal.


uuuuuuh, I am soooo smart



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