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Help for the newest members for Requiem Dark Knights

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Hey guys!


Okay, I know we have new folks playing now, Monster, Stubbie, Epox...if/when you guys need help, please don't hesitate to post in the Time to Play thread, that you're in game and need muscle from us to help you power through levels. The perspective that those of us who are higher leveled, is that we can quickly get you to where you have to get to on a map to complete quests, and since scroll quests are just a matter of killing a finite number of monsters, so that you can get the experience, with us helping everyone in the low levels out, we can get everyone to level 25 asap, so you can all get in on the awesome loot runs for that level!


Quests, especially at levels 20 and lower, provide the greatest source of experience efficiencies, and we would be able to make those levels melt like bubbling margarine.


Post, ask and level with your clan!





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Due to the time differences gogo I tend to just go straight into the game and see who is online that way.


I don't really like to post here that I'm online because it sort of makes me commit to being available to play.

Being a family man, while I may have the best of intentions, the family just seems to gets in the way of my playing time. :)

Things like taking daughters to work, wife needing me to hang out the washing, dog insisting that he needs his ball to be thrown, etc.

You see what can happen here is that even though I may think I have the next hour or so to devote to a game, it doesn't always work that way.


So rather than saying "ok guys, I'm now playing but I may have to leave at any moment" I would rather just go into the game and see who is there at the time.

Then we can just work out what to do together.


Hope you understand. :hugs:



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Of course I understand!

And, if you're ever on and noone else is at that, don't hesitate to then make a post in the Time to Play, if we're doing something else, and hear a call for help, we'll come running.


Great playing with you today, Stubbie...it's an awesome run huh ^^ It's particularly difficult and long if you don't have the help we did like what Enci and Ganto gave us.


Thank you you guys!


It looks like we're growing, and we're going to be a power.





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