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Jesus D.a.r.k. Vendetta application

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Hi I am berkley I use the name Jesus in game I have 16.099.121 points and 96% battlepower I have over 12,000 mercenaries and I am on atleast once a day normally twice, I was in the [insiders] until it got disbanded the reason is still unknown to me, and now I am looking for a strong and active alliance I know your guys are active because you have a full forum and everything, and you are a good looking alliance everything is crisp and I don't ever see your members drifting into inactivity (BTW Kewagoshkum is over 2 weeks inactive if you want a farm), and yeah if you have any questions feel free to ask =)

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ill have a chat with the boss and the rest of the family and address your application internaly :)


we will get back to you via PM here on the forum



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