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No. I can't post this.

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Does anyone else have this problem? I spend some time writing a post for a new thread, then think "No. that's crap. I can't post that". Pity, did you say, that I don't do that more often?


This time it was an article in Time mag, with photos of Bill Gates looking not-to-well, that blew my top. By the time I'd finished I suddenly realised it could be (mistakenly) interpreted as 'political'. So I binned it.


Do you have this problem?

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Ohh interesting topic! (or shouldn't I write this...:cry:) hehe


Anyway, this happens to me very often too. Thinking about: "What would others think if I post this?..."


Anyway to back to your question.


I have the same problems, but I think it's natural. :P

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Believe it or not, I sometimes have this problem as well. For the most part, I am an open book. If I were a super hero I would be TMI Guy.


Having said that, there have been several times when I have written out a long reply to a post only to delete it. It may be that I start to wonder if it should be posted. Other times, if it's an angry reply(not here of course :crazy: ) the simple task of typing the words is enough to get it off of my chest.

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I have to self censor all the time. constantly offend folks even when trying to be politically correct. I don't offend easily and assume that others should be so open minded.

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Other times, if it's an angry reply(not here of course :crazy: ) the simple task of typing the words is enough to get it off of my chest.

Precisely! I have also to remember that I have an odd sense of humour, and people will take me seriously so I have to be careful.

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Engage fingers -- start typing.


Finish typing, engage brain.


Re-engage fingers - Delete.


Happens all the time


Oops -- forgot to Delete . . . oh well.

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Good topic.


And it's the difference between a blog and a forum I think. With blog sites, the poster posts to only satisfy himself (usually). With Forums, posts take into account the community. Posts in forums I've always found to be great objects of craft. The great posts show a lot of the sentiments and inner core of the poster, while also showing that they're listening to past commentary while being open to new points of view.


The forum post looks for honest advice on a stated problem. The great posts show a humility, and honest search for interaction and answers. Because of this, we're careful with people's feelings, and take into account the sensibilities and sensitivities of our community. We like our community and don't want to offend them, so yes... posts I've made in the past, often don't go out. I sometimes have to stand back and think about what I've written means, not only just now, but a few days down the line.


Blogs, I would think, are all about the I, and so you have a different kind of flexibility and range with what we're able to post.





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Yep I know this I even wrote out about 2 pages for a thread then went and thought... no this is terrible, and ended up with just 3 lines :P

I think its normal to think badly of some posts/ideas of your own, I hate several of my posts (mostly older ones :heat:)

Also like you I have a fairly odd sense of humour so have to make sure the posts sound serious :o

(Hmm I'm unhappy with this post, its a bit rambling... lol! :drool: )

Yay Bondbug is back! Welcome back!




P.S. Sorry that you have to go on the Cholesterol reduced path, so many nice things all gone :o

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Hi Tim. Was it you had exams last year (no that was Timotheus you silly old bat) - and floods? And just don't b... well mention b... cholesterol


Damn, I shouldn't have said this, he'll think I don't remember and it wasn't very polite ....... blast!


OK ToD, it's good to be back, all the best old faces and some very lively new ones (get that Timi for instance - wow!)

Edited by Bondbug
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Hey I have the answer. :P


I typed a bit of chat to ToD just then, and when I finished and looked up...there was nowt there. Self-erased. Or perhaps the keyboard knows now when not to bother. Clever keyboard! :)

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The real shame is that you don't have the chance to review and erase when in a live conversation. I just wonder how many of my problems could have been avoided if I lived on a 5 second delay.

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I agree in principle. But then, one of my kids would never have been born. So....well....er...


PS Is this comment still on piste?

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I'm not sure if it's on track/topic... but I do get what people mean...


I've written 2-3 word pages of rants before, then deleted them before posting, other times I've gone ahead and posted them and gotten commended (actually one of them earned me a semi-moderator position I didn't want on another forum... that I later got out of). And I'm almost wondering if I should post this... but I suppose I will.


The closest I typically come to the question is more self-censoring, I do it a fair bit in person, but I have a quick and sharp tongue and can be quite nasty when someone frustrates me, online I can take the time to find a way to lash out at them without anyone being able to accuse me of flaming or insulting... or even of baiting at times. I censor enough to pass requirements for not getting warned/deleted... and if I can't I delete... assuming of course I can be bothered to ultimately post what I wrote (and at times I can't be)

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Oh yeh - I can relate :)


I have even pestered Gogo in the past to have a Topic deleted - although I suspect he diplomatically had already done it ;)


I have actually learnt a lot of the etiquette regarding forums from here - almost all I know in fact. I am the first to admit I am still learning :)


This is the first forum I have ever been involved in, and the only one I feel attached to. I figure I will be dropping in as long as it exists. Who knows, I may even get it right by then :music:

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indeed, happens often.


an idea that I had heard before is to have a sort of area for those that aren't easily offended. sometimes folks need to get things out, but can't phrase it in a politically correct manner that won't offend anyone.


google now has mail goggles, why not some forum goggles?

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oh yeah...


I deleted few sentences, before typing that oh yeah, wanted to be funny but forgot the point of the joke so I deleted it...


The best thing is you can delete what you typed. You cant unsay what you said.


sure it is case specific :)



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