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Requiem - First encounter with epic dragon Ruinhorn

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Me and enci finally hit level 55 and it was time to test the raid boss ruinhorn :) There is a ongoing schedule for it so we showed up and got invited but still get to wait another hour or so until we ventured inside for the epic encounter :unsure:


We were 16 players with fillers for the the last spots and though he had a lot of HP he went down pretty easy. The tanks lost aggro occationally so some sadly died a couple of times (read me :( ) but the drops were really great. Counted 10 items but timers prevented me from having a chance but glance at what dropped :P


Here are some screenshots anyway ;)



ruinhorn1_small.jpg ruinhorn2_small.jpg

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lol, I love reading about you and Enci's exploits in the higher levels. This sounds awesome you guys... I can hardly wait till we get up there so we can duke it out with the dragon.


Curious...was there a lot of lag? Sixteen player's a lot of peeps...I know what happens in Sacred when even about 10 try to get together...






p.s. that's hystercal about this dragon meeting by appointment only...sounds like a job interview ;)

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Actually no lag at all, it is a "dungeon" like AT or RoL so you can only enter with a full party and its instanced so I guess we got our own server while we were there. We ahad the normal number of disconnects though but thats everwhere ..hehe.

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Ganto, can you tell about damage? I'm being inspired by your exploits and health bars these days ^^ With you saying how much damage creatures at high levels can put out, just how much hp do we need to at least take on one of the dragons hits? Also does he have any special attacks?





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Oh yes, plenty of lethal skill from him, his normal melee swing does 900 dmg that he uses most and mashing does 1700 dmg, Dark Breath 1500 dmg and a Area of Effect spell Wind of Edge that does 1000 dmg to all :) Then add the normal paralysis and stuns he frequently uses also. Ohh.. he also has a "summon ghoul" spell that calls forth a elite ghoul and does this regulary.


He got me in 2 hits when I got aggro :) and instantly after a res with that Area of Effect skill. I want more HP .....arghhh

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lol, guess we can't solo him eh :)


So...Ganto, what does a Shaman do to not draw agro? I've found that totem is great for Area of Effect...without getting too much notice. But Arrow, and burning hell get them after me very fast.


Were you only doing Totem? Or would you every once in a while try to pull off a higher powered one ? And I'm curious about the front line in this case. Do all the warriors have Taunt to keep aggro?


That damage is... man, I don't know what to say. Two hits isn't fun. Were there other shamans weathering him?





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Well, think you are right about DOT dmg, it seems like that doesnt create much aggro at all like totem and also hellfire later on. Burning Hell, fireball and soul explossion that has instant dmg causes way more aggro.


Warriors have single target taunt and defenders have Area of Effect taunt and in normal parties like when we did SL I put all trust in the tank that he uses taunt frequently to pull aggro from us cloth users, and we shouldnt even have to worry about aggro with a good tank. But when they lose aggro we shamans are often the first target because of the amount of dmg we have done. Yet again good tanks normally comes to the rescue and worst case is to kite if possible.


When me and enci are grinding though its the opposite, I try to pull all aggro as fast as I can so she can focus on healing. Burning Hell and then soul explossion is my first casts and with enci sleeping most of the mobs I normally manage to pull all aggro.


Ohh, we tried level 60 elites yesterday and one of their skill hits was over 1k = 2 hits and im dead :P ....need more HP .... arghhh

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Dont know… if the shaman doesnt get aggro, it means they are not doing their job right


Ideally ofc they should be safe, the problem here wasnt the lack of taunt, but that the first line kept going down. Even the warriors with their dumbed down taunt were able to keep aggro quite well until they died. But then chaos ensued. I was running around like crazy trying to tell who had aggro then trying to get them in healing range. We had two commanders in party, but both were quite low level, the 60+ warriors were weathering much better.


An other shaman started kiting when he got aggro, was damn annoying because it made the party spread out so much that my party heals became dysfunctional. And with that Area of Effect damage the dragon has…

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Spider just was reading this, andI had to bump it up for nostalgia. This kind of team stuff against REALLY tuff monsters makes me want to play GW so badly...or Requiem again!


ahh, wait... updates, forum, wiki, photobucket, pix...






p.s. But soon almost over ...back to Sacred 2!~

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