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Your favourite brew ?

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… an american pale ale, … california steam beer …deschutes mirror pond pale ale … redhook ipa. … alaskan amber … new belgiums flat tire.


There must be literally thousands of breweries and perhaps millions of brand names.


What are your favourite beers?

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Finnish beers:

1. Karhu

2. Koff

3. Lapin Kulta

4. Lahden Sininen



Foster's (my favourite beer)



Velkopopovický Kozel

there is another good beer from czech, but cannot remember the name at the moment



A. Le Coq



I bet there is even more, but cannot remember the names, because I mostly drink finnish beers as they are cheaper here and better tasting than most.


Some what I don't like are Carlsberg and Heineken even they are really popular.

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smilie_prost.gif Well this thread is going to be too classy for this old outlaw biker I am happy with just drinking Budwiser. Although when my dad use to visit me up in Canada from the States I use to give him Brador ( right spelling?) one or two and its sleepy time for him *lol*snore.gif
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Watneys Red Barrel


Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout


Any good pair in a Black and Tan

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This was a duplicate fragment of the following post due to an error, and I can't erase it


P.S. as this space is here. That is twice we have heard of New Belgium Brewery. Odd name. Where are they? Are they local or fairly national? What sort of stuff do they offer?

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There was 80/- 'eighty shilling' in Lothian, brewery on the Forth estuary east of Edinburgh. Is that still there?


Are there no CAMRA members in the house? "Real Ale", not sterilised fizz. Castle Eden was another of my favourites. And there was a beer specifically brewed in the NE (England) for the working men's clubs (can't remember its name, "Exhibition"?). Newcastle Brown. Theakstons Old Peculiar a bit nearer Tim O Dooms area. And a brewery over in Cumberland, Jennings, that made a super Mild, before the women and lager pushed it off the market. Kemp Town brewery in Brighton...not so good, but Harvey's in Lewes are, I believe, still going strong. I still have some bottles of their Old Ale in the cellar from 9 years ago and it is still excellent. Always thought bottled beers did not keep. The French supermarket stuff doesn't. Yeh? I know it shouldn't get the chance, but wine so cheap we tend only to drink beer with curry nowadays.


Ah, the good old days !! (load of rubbish) Don't laugh...you will be saying the same thing in 60 years time young Tomi.

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Ooooh interesting thread...I enjoy a nice cold Molson Canadian if im just knockin around home but if im out I like a good Hefeweizen like Franziskaner or whatever's around. I tried a Delirium Tremens the other day and it was fantastic. I also like and occasional fruit beer like Magic Hat #9(apricot) or a Sam Adam's Cherry.


Oh yeah and my mother makes the best damn Raspberry Wheat you could imagine...thats right MY MOM (bought her a beer making kit years ago for christmas and she hasn't stopped churning out the suds)

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