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Who are you?

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Hiyas everyone!

As a long time ally/supporter of all things D.a.r.k, I need to ask this question...

Who tha hell are ya? :D

As I am doing my daily travels aroung Universe 9, I often come across a D.a.r.k player.

When I do, I smile and say to myself, "Aww there's an ally I can trust and call on if required..."

Then I read the player's name and I'm like, "Holy Hannah! Who are you:)" :drinks:


Sooooo, here I am begging intros from all the new players in D.a.r.k :(


I am Arianna (Ari), I started in Uni 9 the day it opened and was in Spawn from that day until I retired (the first time). I have retired from Uni 9 a lot of times (yeah I am good at quitting smoking too, I do it all the time :P) I am currently playing an account which was with D.a.r.k for a number of years (thanx Ja Foste - I'm loving the mines :o) Ogame annoys the crap outta me, but I can't help coming back. Feel free to PM me ingame for anything...

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heh, Ariana, it's awesome seeing you back here!




Still on the O'crack huh? :) Dunno what it is about that game... two years with no graphics for me... how was that possible?


hmmm, let me think...great peeps, you guys meeting up with us almost right from the start...the awesome times with Spawn...


More than makes up for the graphics me thinks. There's still a D.a.r.k contingent goin around... They should show up here soon and introduce themselves.


Hope yer game is good, and your family sound and happy!





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O hello...well ok u know me ari...locutus through and through...still knockin around this uni with my account I started from scratch on day 1-just cant seem to get away from uni9 even though I escaped uni2,4,5,6 a LONG time ago, good ta see some old familiars still hangin around this aging uni

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Uhm .. I am .. ME! :).. I think


Helou Arianna :hugs:


I have relocated myself to some far far away galaxies. No longer in the core playing pirate. Just running around with a pickaxe picking up shinnies in deep barrows.. oops gotto go!

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we've exchanged few pm's in ogame. read about you on darkmatters though ;)


I'm with dark for few months now, played a bit more than a year on another account, started from scratch and ended among top120 and got offer to take over gintu's old account.

so getting myself acquainted :P with crews of all those heavy ships I've inherited :pirate:


you know where to find me, I'm in the hood in g8

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im here now. obvious or rhetorical, im consused often.


I known a few from dark for years from sacred but always played indy.


as far as uni9, rank21 or so, with acct I built from scratch about 14mo to 5kk. all over g1, so often got lanx and decent nanites to lend a hand. on more than I should be of course. no fleet that I am aware of, so got great mines (almost 63k points a week) and however dispicable farming is, I do alot.


history of ogame is heavy fleeter from uni20. quit at rank3 almost a year into the uni, with top2 accts being very obvious proxy users on 24/7. uni started late may 2006, I started a month late after meeting majorlee, who played guild wars, on fdm. hits of note, one top10, fav hit, and gnn interview. top10 hit was just silly, guy deployed between me and rank2 in g4, needless to say days were numbered. fav hit was kid that had harassed my bro in rl in low g1, so when he came up under my country around hw, his fleet was hosed. gnn interview was by buddy now playing my acct, I saved his butt so many times as he would mobile and when the heat got to inferno levels, just deploy to my hw system.


chatted with mrva some. not real social nor anti-social, never seem to get along with the elite type players.


so don't be afraid to drop a line ingame, im around.

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