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Patch problems in requiem...


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Ohh well my patch is still downloading (50% now) but if I'll have it, and I can find the file, and if you want it I'd gladly toss a copy to you. :4rofl:


Thanks. It seems to be download file 00000081.RTP that is causing me grief.


During the download it keeps giving me a ERROR: Failed Internet Read File angry.gif



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Anyone can tell me where are the downloaded patches in requiem's folder? Cant find it Oo


I had a look in my Requiem folder. There is a folder in there called patches.

The only file I have in that folder is the 00000081.RTP one that I am having trouble downloading..........go figure:) :D



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Those files get deleted after patching, try running a search for RTP files, they may still be in a temporary folder




Stubbie, 00000081.RTP is only the first part of the big patch iirc .... you should try manually downloading all the files, then just copy them into the patches folder





and here



there may be more, Ive lost track of them..

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Nope....didn't work :D


Now I get a Failed Patch Download error!


I tell ya...this is just BS. I know this game is free to play and I suppose I should expect crappy download problems.


But it is very frustrating.


What I will do is download the whole bloody client yet again and reinstall it and see what happens.


But I don't have unlimited bandwidth with my ISP so I have to work out when I have the available bandwidth.


They really need to get their patch programs more user friendly because this problem is a bummer angry.gif



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I have downloaded the client again.

It installed fine.

It does its patch update stuff but when it comes to the 00000081.RTP it fails again!

I have no idea what the heck is going wrong.

If anyone has this file could they please send it to me.




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Hmmm, the new client, 3.0, comes patched up to 00000090.RTP. You should only need to patch from 00000091.RTP - 00000094.RTP. Are you sure you downloaded the most recent client stubbs?


Alternatively you could download the patches and add them into Requiem's Patch folder manually. Keep in mind though that there is a chance that doing it this way may cause future updating to not work. The patch downloads were supplied begrudgingly due to constant demand.


From Requiem Forum

Whats with all the doomsday post. Makes it hard to help when you refuse to work with me here.


Here is your manual patches. Mind you that you will probably have problems the next time you go to patch. What I suggest is that you download the 3.0 client to help with having to install all the patch files.


patch 70 ~ 81

patch 82 ~ 92

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Thanks for those links Schot. :)

While it fixed the problem with the 00000081.RTP file I now get the same problem with the 00000083.RTP file. :D


So I give up.

When I get enough bandwidth I am going to download the latest client.


If that gives me grief then I'm going to play Solitaire instead :cow_white:



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well got I down but when I exstract the files and such the 3 cab files are thier but they somehow won't unzip they just say no archiv found


wee it works now im game on again

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This game has got to be one of the most difficult games I have ever tried to get and keep updated. They really do have a problem with this.


After failure after failure trying to get the patches I decided to flick the old client and get the latest one.


I have just finished downloading the latest 3.0 client RAR file.


When I try to extract it it tells me its corrupted! yet the old CRC error again.........That's another almost 3 gig of wasted bandwidth!


I don't know what the heck is wrong with their downloads (I don't have problems like this downloading other stuff) but it sure is frustrating.


And yes schot...I followed your instructions again. :hugs:


One more try at the end of this month for me (when bandwidth becomes available). If that fails I will have to finally admit defeat. :4rofl:



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This game has got to be one of the most difficult games I have ever tried to get and keep updated. They really do have a problem with this.


I agree with you with the deepest parts of my soul. :D


If you can fix something, then something won't work. We have no chance. This game is evil. Especially the patches.

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