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TheEvilBorg ( PAWNZ ) Vrs Wolfskin ( L.U.S.A.)

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A little story behind this one. Thanks to a Alliance mate who tipped me off to all the goodies lying around this planet.I probed him last night and found everything laying around so simmed it and launched my recyclers then about an hour later I see activity on his planet. Not wanting to loose that much Deut. I don't launch. I figure now he knows someone is watching him he will probably move all the goodies to another planet. But this morning their all still there, so I launch the 80 recyclers I have nearby and move my ships into attacking range and launch the additonal recyclers. Waiting until I get the recyclers and attack ships close to the same hitting time I suddenly notice I launched the first wave of recyclers to the wrong cords. I recall the 80 resend another 80 now watching the arivall time of the second lanched wave of reyclers I launch the attack ships. And one hour into the attack again I notice new activty on the planets. No word from Wolfskin that it's him on line I let it go. And as they say the rest is history. However I now have no more fingernails left since I chewed them all down during this attack.


At 08-24 17:25:45, as it came to a battle:


Attacker TheEvilBorg (X:XXX:XX)

Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%

Type: L.Cargo L.Fighter Bomber Dest.

Total: 880 101.600 1.000 800


Defender wolfskin (X:XXX:XX)

Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%

Type: L.Cargo Col. Ship Recy. R.Launcher L.Laser H.Laser Gauss Ion C. Plasma S.Dome L.Dome

Total: 1.334 1 100 9.972 6.070 2.403 295 1.199 259 1 1


After battle...


Attacker TheEvilBorg (X:XXX:XX)

Type: L.Cargo L.Fighter Bomber Dest.

Total: 866 96.842 999 800


Defender wolfskin (X:XXX:XX)



He captured

10.276.675 metal, 10.852.864 crystal and 379.641 deuterium.


The attacker lost a total of 19.275.000 units.

The defender lost a total of 114.883.000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 7.026.600 metal and 4.047.300 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 20 %.


-- Created by Takana's CR Converter v1.955 beta - Dragon Takana --

Your 480 recycler(s) have a total cargo capacity of 9.600.000. At the target, 7.026.600 metal and 4.065.600 crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 5.534.400 metal and 4.065.600 crystal.

Your 80 recycler(s) have a total cargo capacity of 1.600.000. At the target, 1.492.200 metal and 0 crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 1.492.200 metal and 0 crystal.

Edited by Borg
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Awesome hit Borg

Nce knowing you can dish out the heat both on the bbq and in the game.







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Sorry it took so long to reply here. :4rofl:


But it is obvious, your HoF's are just as tasty as your bbq. :D


Way to cook that turtle soup mate.

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what could be more interesting than freshly brewed turtle soup.

seems no shell is thick enough :blush:



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