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friends today told me uni40 started yesterday, seems they want a chance to stay ahead of me. more info on oof, but special things are 2x speed and 40% ships to df

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Sounds like some nice extra features. Gonna bow out though, a bit close to Sacred 2 for me, and I wanna keep my hear clear... we all know what too much Ogame does to me





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I joined uni 40 aswell :)


Joined one of the top dutch alliances .CL. though. and since it took me hell on earth to get in that alliance, I wouldn't want to leave it, and get Eleanore'd by em :)


They don't really rank very high on this universe though, caus most started for fun, and started mining ...


If some of you guys start, let me know. If it's ok with you, we can have personal naps. My plans are to become fulltime crasher there. My first few small crashes (at 1.5k points now, so nothing major yet) have been made, and hoping to make my first 1%'er in the next few days. I'll be able to use any ACS partner in the future :)


biggest hit so far: 179K TD and about 70k DF.

Not bad for 1500 points, but that's my vision :)

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There allso seems to be a major lack of planet slots in U40.org


at the moment the ladder says more then 12k people, so let's assume 8k or so are active in a month.

if they each need 8 colonies and 1 HW, they would need 9 slots each.


Now, since slots 1-2-3 and 14-15 are allways empty, let's assume there are 10 slots per solarsystem, which are viable for a planet that allows you to put up level 3+ mines. (so to speak, I mean: Who needs 30 fields right ? O.o)


Now each galaxy has 499 solarsystems, and there are 9 galaxies.


so that makes there are 'about' 500*10*9 = 45000 viable slots for a half-decent planet (and I am lowering my standards here, I am keeping 150 fields and up , can ya imagine. I didn't use to settle for anything less then 200).


Now if 8000 people are active, and each have 8 colonies + 1 HW, they would need 8000*9 planet slots = 72.000 planet slots, where there are about 45000 available.


This is not just a few short, it's a major issue.

I scann hundreds of solarsystems every day, to find each spot 4-13 taken. it's getting rediculous.

I'm exited as ever if I find a spot 13 somewhere (they tend to give the 150 ones, every ocne in a while).


So by reverse calculation, I'd say we have a shortage of viable planets, until there is about 4.5k players left. And even then, each and every planet in all 9 galaxys would be cramped full as ever.


In the dutch uni's, getting 3-4k people is a lot, so I never realised just how much those colonies were in dire need in the bigger unis. It's crazy I tell ya.

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I am still playing 40, settled into top12000. mostly mining, about 7500pts a day from just mines, with minor farming and moderate turtling. gamestats says averaging 10k points a day, not sure how or where. happy for now with rank, as the maniac folks hopefully will slow down and more cheats will continue to be banned. at one point I was gaining more ranks from bans than point growth!


I had hell getting planets going, blew many a colony ship, probably 30+. sooooo many small little planets in what slot 4-6 that I could reach prior to others. we are not talking like 150, but like 30-50 most times, very small statistically for the planet slot. on recommendation of an old friend, I went to making temp colony in system, worked on a couple after a few shots as they continued to just be small. I did not get them sorted out until I think about the 35th day when first long inactives cleared, when I got final 3 keeper planets in that one night. I was fortunate to be awake for the 0110st clearing of destroyed planets and 0120st for deleted accts.


keep at it and you will succeed, just takes a few days of planning and patience. find a potential slot, make temp colony and be on to launch when it clears. need any more suggestions drop me a pm here. I can help out with potential slots, as more eyes equal more opprotunities. my planets are very well spaced for fleeting in g1 and there is inactives in two slot4 of the 5 g1 planets. a couple of my other galaxy planets also have slot 4&5 inactives. they do exist, just hard to find!


no ally, I do love all the funny invites. like I want to join the wing of some ally in which the main consists of noobs. I am just not 1337 enough to get into any of the elite allies even though highly ranked. :( not that I would join one just due to the security risks involved with people sharing my 40 onlines so they can take advantage of this info in uni 9. the risk does not justify the reward.


let me know if you are around, I can drop you are care package.

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I'm kinda good on crystal and deut, but I could use some metal should u have a spare k or two :)

Other then that, I have 5 colonies right now which I'll keep.

My HW, 2 smaller ones (which I might blow up in a month or so, when more spots clear as the next big wave of ppl gets deleted).

2 200+ fields.


Trying to get 2 planets inG1, 2 in G2, 2 in G3, one in G4, my HW in G5 and maybe one in G6 and G7, allthough I might just drop another one or two in G1-2.

Other then that, I consider my smaller planets the 'boom-planets' as I call em. Whenever I start serious fleeting (allmost have BS's now), and I start getting some major potential with my fleet, I might 'boom' those planets, and get one nice close to a target I'm stalking :drinks:


Like I did in the dutch uni's.

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Hey if any of you uni 40 players get your hands on an extra account, let us know!

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ps: I propose a NAP.


Even though you are nowhere near getting any decent profit from attacking me, but I like allys in my notes.

If (no; when is a better choise of words :drinks:) my fleet gets bigger, I like some other ppl I can call, to tackle some top dogs every now and then.


Besides, nothing like dropping a colony next to a big guy, taunting him for a few days, and hitting him with 2 or more on ACS :)

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Hey if any of you uni 40 players get your hands on an extra account, let us know!


I know very few people atm. I do know one guy from an elite ally, I will see what he knows. he got his top30 recently.


there is always the section on oboard where people give away their accts.


starting fresh wouldn't prove too difficult, many slots opening up as people quit and/or go inactive. I built my uni9 to 5.7kk in less than 1.5yrs, so I would imagine a two month late start would not be hard to do well if you are motivated. in the case of starting new, I don't have a problem sending some goodies to get friendly folks into uni40. just drop me a pm here and I will get u some flying.

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Oh I joined UNI 40 on Friday, just passed 7700th Rank. Seems fairly easy at the moment, I've overtaken all the other newbies who probed me with ease, and am now just building up points through mining and research, at some point I'll build up a fleet and go raid some people though :drinks:



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any other people interested:)

Perhaps we can start the [D.a.r.k] Alliance there :).


Allthough, I would need more then just 3 or 4 ppl before I leave my current alliance. Took me a lot to get in there. But a nice group of FDM people would convince me :drinks:

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our first hof in 40. a no probe and smash nearly free moonshot for me. I was asleep, df was gone when I woke. so this makes 0/6 total on moonshots.


The following fleets met in battle:


Attacker: K N K G K H N





Defender: Redneck





Sol. Sat...114







-- moooed --


Attacker: K N K G K H N



Defender: Redneck

S.Cargo...43 ( lost: 3 )

L.Cargo...46 ( lost: 4 )

Recy....1 ( lost: 0 )

Esp.Probe...5 ( lost: 2 )

Sol. Sat...100 ( lost: 14 )

R.Launcher...240 (lost: 36)

L.Laser...881 (lost: 124)

Plasma...15 (lost: 0)

S.Dome...1 (lost: 0)

L.Dome...1 (lost: 0)


The defender has won the battle!


The attacker lost a total of 5.660.000 units.

The defender lost a total of 410.000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 1.416.000 metal and 884.000 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 20 %


Battle Result

(Assuming the attacker got the debris..)

Attacker lost: 3.360.000

Defender lost: 410.000

Total Damage: 6.070.000

Converted with Invader Skodge's CR Converter 3.5 (Skin: "cowboy")

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I've also started to play in u40 a month ago.

got into top 2200 :P

which is a bit stupid .. have only 2 colonies 8including hw) over 140 so building up also few temporary ones.


lack of colonies is killing me and my desire to play in this uni :/

hard to progress w/o being able to build up mines on permanent colonies :)


edit: my nick: "whisper" .. GOW ... atm

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I just deleted my account, remembered/realized I don't have the commitment/time to play Ogame



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