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Putrescine's application for Sacred 2

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Hello there! :P


Since I now have managed to get my hands on Sacred 2. Yeeey! :)


This application is for the Sacred 2 branch.




First some info:


- My real name is Simen, 18 years old and live in Norway.


- Currently attending to school so there might be some inactivity from time to time, but not much. This applies mostly for Spring and Winter Exams.


- I love playing RPG games, especially those with tons of everything. Like these two great masterpieces that Ascaron has made :D


- I have been here on FDM since Dec 21st 07 regarding the S:UW part of the forum :P




My reasons for this application is pretty simple, because I want to be a part of this great community ingame and not only here on FDM


Being able to help when I can, and recieve help when others can. And offcourse having fun ingame with people you know can be trusted fully




If there is anything else you'd like to know, please let me know :)




- Simen / Putrescine

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Hey hey Putrescine! Yaay you got the game! So cool to see your application. I'm going to open discussion on your application right away. :)


Oh two veeeery important questions. Which character was your fave in Sacred UW and which do you plan to play first in Sacred 2?

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My favourite character in Sacred UW is a really close race between the Seraphim and the BM, but in the end the Seraphim wins I guess due to the fact that BM's. Just like DE's just become too much overpower in later lvls


In Sacred 2 I am, and will be playing High Elf.

Thats the only character that had Combat Arts I liked and could combine to my liking :)

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... This application is for the Sacred 2 branch. ...


Hmm, I don't see any "application" ... or do you mean "Registration"?

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Finally Simen, it's about time :)


This is a great day we're having, so many great members of our community all wanting to play...


Can hardly wait to hook up with everyone.


Simen, thanks for the application, we've forwarded this internally, and will have a response within a week.






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