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Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Pink Floyd - Us and Them

I think I heard it hundred times in summer, but never full. Daughter found it on youtube and adapted it to her electic zither with less strings and was playing parts of it over and over to get it how she liked. Don't ask me what the electirc zither costed. Hand made from an instrument maker ;)

She is playing zither since she was 5 (found a cheap but good one on a garage sale), the electric variant since 11.




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Little Feat => Time Loves A Hero

Elvis Presley -> Muss I denn

An old german folk song about a craftsman who starts his journeyman years (German Walz, much the same meaning as Waltzing Mathilda) and is not allowed to enter his hometown again for 3 years and 1 day. He promises his girl to allways love her and come back to her. First printed versions reach back to 1827 so the song is probably older. Was used by soldiers who went to a war, when a ship with emigrants was living harbour, or when they came back. Sadly as with many old german songs most of them appeared in movies from or about nazis.

At lest the version from Elvis is funny, except the wooden heart text is far far from the original meaning.






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Schürzenjäger -> Sierra Madre


Schürzenjäger -> A Weihnacht, wie's früher war (A Christmas, as it used to be)



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War - Low Rider

Torfrock -> Beinhart

Soundtrack of the 'Werner' movie. Translates as 'Hard as a bone(rock), bad ass, ...'.


As badass as a rocker

As badass as a chopper 1

As badass as a bottle of beer

Badass is how we do things here


We don't go in restuarants looking all spiffy

and we don't nibble daintily on lobster tail

We don't smell like eau de toilette2

rather we smell like quality chain grease


We ride easy over mountain and valley

The only thing that can stop us is a reflector post

(dengel dengel dengel dengel dengel)



Werner is a German comics character, appearing in a number of German comic books and animated films. He was created in 1978[1] by Brösel (Rötger Feldmann). Werner is the most successful German comic character of all time with over 10 million books sold and over 13 million film admissions. At almost 5 million admissions in Germany,[2] the first movie, Werner – Beinhart! (1990), is Germany's third most commercially successful film of the 1990s on the German domestic market, and #14 of Germany's most successful domestic market films of all time.[3]


The Red Porsche Killer race from the comic was even done real life and repeated after 30 years.



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