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Alabama - Song Of The South

Ulrik remy - Ich bin aus'm Westerwald

Ich komm aus einem land wo der ginster blüht --- I am from a land where the broom blossoms
wo man bis zum horizont nur wald und wiesen sieht --- where till the horizon only meadows and forests can be seen
in dem land bin ich daheim und davon singt mein lied --- I am at home in this land and that is my song about
ich bin aus'm westerwald --- I am from the westerwald
manche sagen dieses land schuf der herrgott im zorn --- some say this land was done by god in anger
denn hier gäb es ja nur kalten wind gestrübb und dorn --- because here would be only icy winds, scrubs and thorns
doch auch hier werden fröhliche kinder gebor'n --- but even here cheerful kids are born
ich bin aus'm westerwald - I am from the westerwald



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Roxette -> the Big L

SDP - Ja ja aka. LMAA

Ja Ja is german for yes yes. It has a lot of meanings depending on context. As explained in this funny video.


The song is about the situations JaJa is used in the meaning of 'Kiss my A...' or in german Leck Mich Am Arsch (LMAA). It goes back to a quote the knight Göetz von Berlichungen (Götz of the Iron Hand) did.



And now the song:



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