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Bell - Failure as an ISP

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Guys... I can't believe this but our ISP, Bell Canada, actually cut off our internet account?! At the moment I'm using our free local dial up connection on a 7, or more..., year old laptop. It's sooooo slow!


So long story short we lost internet Friday evening. I called up Bell and they told me internet was temporarily down in my area which seemed fine at the time. I could wait a couple hours. I thought. This morning spent about 3 hours talking to Tom, Will and Michelle as well as others on various tiers of support to find out that, "Ooops!", Bell cut our internet. Oh yes and they won't be able to correct the problem until Monday because the office that controls account activation is closed. "Great! That's juuust fantastic."

Me and gogo spent about 30 minutes this morning trying to figure out how to go on with life without Internet, lol.


We wanted to jump in real quick to let everyone know that our activity will be minimal at best this weekend. For the folks that have sent PMs we'll respond as soon as we can!


Cheers gang and leave some [D.a.r.k] cookies for us eh! :devil:

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Kids mom and dad are out for dinner so eat all the cookies. :devil:

Thats some bad news Schot :( hope they fix it first thing Monday morning. With all that free time god know what you will do. One thing you should make sure is that Gogo is as far away from the kitchen as humanly possible. You dont want to have a noter "explosive potato" incident. :D

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lock up the sharp and blunt instruments and send the pets outside the kids are loose in the house with no parents.....


I think Ill stop by on monday with a "gift" of sponges, soap and scrubing liquids to help put the house back to rights on monday *lol*

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Hey guys... *sigh* (<--I'd use a "sigh" emoticon there but I've got image loading turned off so can't even see them and choose one. Dial-up still...) *double sigh*


So. Here's a bit of an update!


Bell Sympatico reaches all new level of incompetence! Woohoo! Am I frustrated? Oh, maybe just a LOT. *activating ultra omega rant mode* I can not believe this is actually happening. I finally got to the bottom of things at about 8am yesterday. Actually it was at 7:59:59:999 but who's counting eh? Our ISP pretty much cancelled our account. During one of their routine account de-activations it seems one of their techs punched in one wrong digit too many and POOF, bye bye internet for us. Ugh! Oh and it gets even more interesting. The ISP rep's response was, "Well you haven't been paying for your internet for many months". I'm thinking "what the heck is going on over there?!" We just finished paying our most recent bill a matter of days ago. Alright, so I dealt with that. We get a credit of $20 and have to wait some hours. They tell me yesterday that it will be fixed some time during the day but I wasn't too happy with that answer so I ask "WHEN today". The rep responds with a flippant "Our tech support works between 8am and midnight. I think to myself that that isn't good enough, hold the phone out in front of me with my left hand, gesture in a choking manner with my right hand at the phone upon which the rep gasps and falls to the floor. "Now get me someone with better answers."


Alrighty, so I check periodically throughout yesterday to see if the line is active, (read as: I sat hunched in my gamer chair watching the blinking light on my modem 24 hours straight while strangling the phone receiver.) *Mental Note: Buy a new phone receiver* Sure enough the internet never came on. Wonderful. Soooo, here I am today. New phone in hand which is a convenient baseball bat shape so if things don't go my way I can go on over to the nearest office and beat their heads in. Mmmhmm. Very nice phone. I get on the line with a rep in India and he gives me the great news that my account has been re-activated. Oh goooood I think. So why isn't my internet working? We go through the stupid troubleshoot and still no internet. "Hrrrrrmmmm a la Marj Simpson". Rep goes to check something and comes back with "Sir, the internet in your location is down." "What?!" I say, breathing fire through the phone and frying the rep. The rest of my time on the phone was spent in a futile attempt to assert my customer dissatisfaction and force them to make it all better, NOW.


So here we are with our dial up connection. A new ISP is looking like a mighty fine idea let me tell you. The ironic thing here is that the day just before this all happened me and gogo were talking about changing ISP. We've had many problems with Bell... I was actually trying to convince gogo that maybe we shouldn't be so quick to jump ship. lol. I think this is some sort of omen.


*End rant*


Ok, all that text up there was really just for me, haha. Really needed to get that out!


Hehe Katran. Hey! *looks at empty cookie jar* I can see you with my dialup munching those cookies! Barely, but I can. :P

Oh and nice finger painting gang. Think I'll be needing those sponges.


Honestly gial. Tears. Just... Tears. *insert crying emote*


Wish I could see the pic Yarasa but judging by Tim's response I think it's safe to say I want it too! I have images turned off so that pages only take a minute to load rather than 5 minutes. *sniff*



Really sorry to be away so long guys and I really hope this gets fixed. Today?



*holding breath*

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I have to ask what happened to Gogo? I would get the thing if they and no internet at all but they have dial up. And Schot is posting from time to time. So wheres Gogo?


Schot you better have not tied him up! :P


P.S.: Should I add 10 pictures and a 100 smile. to make an opening page nightmare for Schot! :devil::hugs::devil:

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Wish I could see the pic Yarasa but judging by Tim's response I think it's safe to say I want it too! I have images turned off so that pages only take a minute to load rather than 5 minutes. *sniff*


*holding breath*

Its a picture of, I'll call it, Photoshop Home Edition, literally, using none digital things :hugs: Like a real life equivalent of photoshop, arranged to look like photoshop



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What a horrible five days it's been. After grinding my way through work last week, to come home on a Friday night to discover...no internet!




Well, the last five days have been an exercise discovery... real world...huh? Ayup , it's there, and boy it's sure nothing as cool looking as what we see in games or forums ^^


We're hoping to have the connection back by tomorrow... just got home from work and terrorized Bell...ayuh, it's my turn at them :P After a bit of yelling and very well placed pauses pregnant with blame and drama, I had two peeps add cross references to the file while they were pleading for me to be finished with the call because I was so unpleasant.


Did that feel good?



Back soon to servers, wiki and forum...








p.s Kat, lol, I've been stuck in Sacred 2 Single play all these days. SP's not really my thing, but it was pretty much the only thing that was decent to play... nothing like playing with friends though :hugs:

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Ok kids. Uncle Schot has returned to his normal shade. We're back! gogo's got the vinegar and I've got the staple remover. Just hold still now. Should have you all separated in no time! :D


We had a technician come in today who discovered that some wiring outside the building needed to be replaced. As soon as he did things were back to normal and I couldn't be more relieved! I can finally get back to work! What a dreaded experience. You can bet we'll be changing our ISP as soon as can be.


Cheers gang and thanx for leaving some of those yummy D.a.r.k cookies. Errr, well, crumbs at least. :blink:

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hehe glad to have you guys back :D


Ok now in your own words tel us How was it not having net for this many days ?

(iam feeling the agony creeping up on me just thinking about it) :blink:

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Having been there (no internet and when we transferred back to the us from japan, no computer either for a week) I can say the withdrawal pains are a serious bummer ....


*hooks up the broadband iv for gogo and schot*

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maybe too late, but cheers anyway...


now this had drama, action, thrill and happy ending... and some teriffic twists.


holy :) it was so good, well not the internet block... glad you are back





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And here's more of the happy ending. We left bell!

yay, the yokes be smashed!

They're too big, their customer service is spotchy, they never have the same answers, and more importantly they're WAY too expensive.


We had been hearing a ton about a new company called Tek Saavy, ...the new internet darlings of Canada.


I learned something cool from all of this. Noone stays on top forever, and if you want the best deals you have to keep hunting and hope your instincts and good judgement get you a provider that's good.


Bell's Webiste...hugely overglossy and all the information hidden with their direct contact number? Nowhere to be found easily, only if you dig and dig...and that's absurd.


Tek Saavy?


Their website has the formatting of a wiki, AND, right along the top...their webpage!


Bell's price... about a hundred a month for only sixty gigs, all the rest you pay 1.50 a gig for.


Tek Saavy's... 29.99 a month for 200 gigs a month! with .50 a gig if you go over.


I'm swooning, and excited about getting to be hosted by them...heck I'm ready to buy their t shirt.


We'll keep you guys up to date as to how it works out.





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