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Welcome Arperum to Clan D.a.r.k Sacred!

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I hope you'll all help me welcome Arperum to the Fellowship! Our newest member has single-handedly taken on the Sacred 2 Bestiary and has cornered enemies, taken their snaps and lived to see many many more healthy days here on this forum. Arperum, it's an honor having you here with the team. I'm looking forward to playing with you lots more over the next while on the servers and looking at your pix and posts.


Your permissions have been changed, you can now see all the internal sections here on the site, have nomination and voting privilleges. Your title has been changed, you will be added to the roster, and (finally!) we get to see you sport the [D.a.r.k] tag in game on your toons.


Welcome to Clan [D.a.r.k] Sacred!





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yay congrats and welcome to the family!


Drinks are on you...:)



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Oooh free beers :) I knew I heard a nice tssshhht somewhere!

Congrats on the membership Arperum, hope to see you ingame soon!

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Welcome Arperum! Nice to see you among the family my friend. I can't wait to get my game so I can have a chance to bash baddies with you and the rest. :)

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