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Underworld 3 - Rise of the Lycans


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I was thinking about this movie today and one thing I will love to see is a big battle between the Vamps and Lycans. It doesnt have to be the size of the Pelennor Fields battle. But it will be super cool to have a charge of the Lycans on a Vamp battle line. The Lycans can shape shift and the vamps can use there almost "Elf" like graceful moves. :drool:

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Watched it and have to say it was time well spent. Lots of good fights as for the story well there isnt much new since this part of the story was already set in the first movie.

Loved the end cant wait for the next one and what the "lies" at the end meant. :P

I recommend this movie it will be 90min well spent relaxing.

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