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dagger/saber melee

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hi all seen alot of good WE builds but I see none for a dagger/saber melee are they bad or has no one made a build yet, if there is a build where do I find it.

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hello and welcome


hope you are having fun.


you need to concentrate on attack rating and damage



- quick as a flash - I am not sure but this adds attack rating. and also speeds up your build in the beggining

- attack, hard hit, multihit - you can read about these somewhere. I guess the attack is for hitting weaker opponets and the hard hit for strong creatures, and ideal for quickly executing ranged enemies

- unicorn is always good to have around. dont spend too much runes on him. I guess I read somewhere thatwhen it is too high level you will get little experience for his kills. so he is basicaly good meatshield :P




weapon lore, sword lore (or which ever weapon you use, you just need to pick this one, dont waste points on it. if you have it will allow you to use bonuses of special sets like paternus sword (I am not sure with that one))

agility - defence attack rating

constitution and armor

rest is up to you, you can add some magic skills for support, or further specialize in combat... trading is a very good skill in my oppinion


for the equipmne - try to read some other build, gladiator or vampires, they are sword users, and propably youll find some interesting sword in sacredwiki


if you are going to use daggers, I am definitly interested in how well that goes. daggers are interesting in that they deal two hits instead of one (is that true even when using CAs?)


oh yeah an go for physical regeneration. you dont have to worry then whether to have higher dex or str for damage while you will be able to compensate with higher level of CA. if you are a beginer definitly read something on using runes and so on... it is very important, trust me, I ruined several of my characters while reading too many...


so have fun



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