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SacredWiki - Interactive Sacred 2 Map of Ancaria

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Wow... just wow :blush:


I love the details on it, you even got the hard to get boss passageways :viking: I can't comprehend how much time it must have taken... Amazing work :(



I'm wondering if it would be possible to link to specific map squares, so you could post such a link when discussing that area.

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Congratulations Schot


And you've done it again. So this is where you've been hidden away for ten hours + a day for a month uh ^^ Okay then, for now we'll excuse you for not coming to play in the HC servers :blush:


As with the first Sacred map you did using API, this one's details are just through the roof. Dragons, bosses, the new mini-bosses, AND quest paths. lol, anyone using this map is going to be pretty expert. I like what Trust has to say about maybe making one version of this map have a grid. It would allow peeps to refer back to it and we would all know where on Ancaria a specific game element was. Particularly useful in a gaming world this large.


Take a break friend, you've earned it.


Good job!





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It's too big, I can only fit 2/3rds of it on my screen at once! :bow:


Great job, now I know why you haven't been around much. Hope your idea of having others help works well. :P

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Thanx gang! :D It's been a loooong time coming. Omg... The next time Ascaron makes a change to the map I think I will probably cry, lol.



Noticed the hard to get boss pathways eh, hehe. The worst was the drgaon in the swamps. I was going nuts trying to get up there. After that experience I vowed that no player will have to go through that much wall hugging.


Interesting question about linking to areas. When I read that I immediately thought that we would have to make markers for each and every area but after some experimenting it turns it is so much easier than that. Let's say you want to talk about Dragonmaw Pass and link readers to that location on the map. All you would need to do is go to the maplib page of the map, zoom into the area you want to link to, click on the Share tab and then copy the URL Reference, using that as your link. This link will take readers to the location you were looking at on the maplib page. Personally I prefer to link readers to the fullscreen map version to give them a larger viewing space of the map. To do that you would add the word "full" to the link like the below:


URL Reference Maplib page:



URL Reference Fullscreen (by adding the word full in front of map.php)



Here's an example screenshot of where I took the Url from ( http://www.maplib.net/map.php?id=4184&...029297&z=12 )



So yes, absolutely we can link to anywhere in any zoom on the map simply by dragging the map and zooming to where we want and then copying the Url Reference. Cool huh!


Ok one last thought to add which just occured to me. Following the logic of the above what we could do here at darkmatters is create a topic which would list out by links to the map all of the place names of the map and anything else important. With this list we would have an index of location links which we could refer to and use in posts talking about certain areas of the world. Good idea? Bad?



Ah gogo. I have to thank you for pressuring me about the bosses. Truth be told I wasn't even thinking of bosses when I started the map and yah kept hounding me about it. :P So thanx for that! Oh and yes a break. You mean like... Stop:) I don't understand. :P



Yes! Finally! Haha. I have been putting off my purchase of the game so that I could complete the map but now that the hard part is done I'll be seeing you guys very soon. :)




Yes... Yes, it's true. Hundreds Timo. Hundreds and hundreds. About a month or two in total and with absolutely every possible minute devoted to it. Basically all my gaming time went to the map. :P



Ah the quest master himself. :D We'll be having a separate map devoted to quests very soon. :D



lol Oh gosh. What was I thinking?! :bow:


Thanx again for the kind words!

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Trust, this little trick you just did with the map in another post...

'Could you guys check out this T-Energy pool? It seems to have rather good monster drops, at least when I was last visiting it. I somewhat attributed to my "high" mf of about 17% at the time. "


Amazing...I didn't know we could do that till you just worked it into your post!


You, more than Schot, with this little demonstration have completely hooked me now. The ability to instantly access the wiki map this way and bring it into posts is unbelievably useful.


nice work Schot, and great work with post Trust





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Great work Schot :P

I want only say... Look out with markers. Most of persons is using adding in simple way but it's slooooowing whole map. When on map is more than 100-200 markers there is huge lag :/ There is solution for this. Object called marker manager (look in Google API references). It show only markers on visible part of map but remember all of them. Because of that it allow using few times more markers without visible lag. Oh... And paths can be added as a switch (same way as now with mini-bosses and Easter eggs) but it is connected with creating polylines. How it could work? Look here -> http://mapwow.com/ I was using this site as some kind of tutorial. I was looking inside JS scripts of this site and thinking: "How that is working?" and that helped me much. I think you may think similiar after time spended over them :) Map and whole site is slowed down by markers in way I mentioned (simple adding without marker manager). Still is a good tutorial for someone who is starting with Google API. Maybe at least I help a bit in your future work :)

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Hey, that is pretty darned good! Called for some Final Fantasy Fanfare!



Love that track and game Cygnus. Perfect victory music, lol.


Thank you for the warning and constant tutelage Thek. I'll keep it to a minimum until I can create a MarkerManager. That Wowmap is an excellent resource. I plan to study hard. :P



Thanx for the kind words all. Back to work I go!

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Dang Schot really really as in really nice job :4rofl:


Is there a way I can download just the map? I wanted to put on my machine and then map out all the special NPC's for the Ascaron easter egg quest. I'd rather not try on map you have now as I don't want to clutter it and/or possibly mess it up.


edit: nvm:) Nightwolfe's has the map all detailed

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Thanx Knuckles! :D


As yet I haven't supplied a download map because eeeeeh, it has some mistakes. For example I kind of put the Wastelands in the wrong spot, lol. I know I know. How the heck does one misplace an entire continent. :4rofl: I have corrected much of the htings I wanted to which means it will be downloadable soon! But if you'd still like create an Epic Office Quest map I can send you something for that. :)

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