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Sacred 2 Big Bad Boss Index and Map

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hmmmm... give him water gogo... he needs to function, but be careful with the bread, it (the higly effective schot machine) can get spoiled.


and good job programming schot to do such a great job whoever did that :D




ps: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew awsome

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Fantastic job Schot.......you deserve more pay :)


A question.

Is this the best thread to keep bookmarked for the map.? Like will this be updated?


I love the way you have linked the bosses to the wiki and the map. :D


Thanks for all your effort for the Sacred community mate. :)

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lol, Schot...


So...how long can you possibly go without sleep and food? :D


Bravo friend. Another excellent resource for the Sacred 2 Community.


The links that connect directly to the map will help guide brave heroes to the lairs and hopefully with good info, they'll be successful in their hunts.


If anyone has more info regarding tips and tactics on how they're taking out bosses, you can add it directly to the wiki itself, or just post it on this thread here and we'll add it in for you.


Cheers guys!






p.s. if anyone has more info on new uncovered bosses not on the list yet, pics and stats would be awesome to helping out.

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err ok, if the boss turns itself invisible often (like the dragon under dryad) have a combo of the Combat Arts you want to kill it with ready and use it when it appears, you will still be hitting at it even when it flies/turns invisible (both?)


Octo have a huge dislike of fire and you can avoid like his every single special attack by moving a little


at scorpion king its nice to use a weakeling spell, (black curse, modded flag thingy for SW etc...)


hack at gar til he dies...


at the t-energy miniboss kill the two other magican first


and wealking spells thingy is always nice.

Auro have made a good thread about this over at DA http://clan-da.com/showthread.php?t=8023


and now I got to go to school -.- hehe

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For Gar'Colossus: stay ranged until he throws big blue rocks at you. "Kill" the rock (won't work if the rock hits you, it would break ON you). Then attack Gar'Colossus and see your next 10-15 hits do extreme damage on his shield bar. When his shield bar is gone, you can finish him off normal for his HP.

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...but be careful with the bread, it (the hihgly effective schot machine) can get spoiled.


haha Erling. No, spoil me! Schot needs to be spoiled. :P


Thanks for those boss strategies Erling and seraphim. It's much appreciated. This looks like as good a place as any to collect boss strategies. The Banshee seems to be a tough one. I think I'll try to devise my plan of attack for that one. :D


@stubbs. Hmmm. For now both topics may progress differently but I plan to organize all of the maps on the SacredWiki Sacred 2 Maps page. Keep an eye on that one my friend! :)

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I was fighting Banshee when doing "Empty Office" quest. Probably missed one or two devs (there is no entry in Log book with this quest, so I don't know who I missed :/ ) but for me she wasn't hard. Too big level difference. I had 42 but she not even 20 (18). So that's probably her level limit on bronze difficulty.

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errr.... my strategy for doing banshee was giving my gear(oh well a helmet and a curiass) to a high level who went to niob and forged and then I killed him with 2 rounds of a combo... is that a strategy?



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There's a quest boss in the ghost area of human lands called the Evocater (spelling?). I figured it was already listed but see it isn't. The quest starts in Atamark (northernmost town). Did it a few days ago so forget exact steps.

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Do you think about that part of Human lands when you cannot enter because there are closed gates? If you think about this I know how to get there... In fact you must start chain quest. I was wondering how to get there because there is one of developers from quest "Empty office". THIS TOWN. You start in Artamark Gates. There is historian called Gundel. This is my entry in Quest book:


This chain quest is called Ghost Village (Wioska Duchow) and as you see has 3 subquest:

-Long ago lost letter (Dawno zaginiony list),

-Making orders (Wykonywanie rozkazów),

-Forgotten Valleys (Zapomniane doliny).

Boss at end is weak and fight mostly with magic. If you want biggest WD run over whole terrain, because before fight you are on exact looking place but in fact this map is undergrounds, after battle you will be moved to surface copy of this place. So you can discover it before main battle. Quest is easy and mostly running. And what important it's only way to get into that town.

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Thank you guys! I've added markers to the map for that quest boss. :DEvocator. For now I have it as an API marker but as soon as I have time I'll draw it one like the others in Photoshop. :)


errr.... my strategy for doing banshee was giving my gear(oh well a helmet and a curiass) to a high level who went to niob and forged and then I killed him with 2 rounds of a combo... is that a strategy? :)


lol Erling. You sneaky devil. :)



I just realized I need the Light and Shadow campaign bosses that are just before the nameless guardian bosses. Anyone have a saved game character of that part that they can spare? :P

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Great idea Thek


We're adding them in slowly, lol, it's been two days now and we're ordering in tons of chinese food to get all the info in the new Christmas Island. :) We're working on the Christmas Island Enemies list now and a map, and as soon as we get them all on that page with their stats, we'll make other links to them from the boss pages.







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Thanx for the kind words. I really enjoyed making it. :)


That's a good idea Thek. I was thinking at first that I would only make a separate map. The reason being is that I believe that when Christams is over in real life that this area will no longer be available. It's just a guess for now so presently I have a separate map that players can download. It's on the "Can Christmas Still be Saved" quest page. The image at the top right can be clicked on to view the full map and then download. Two things that make me think that Christmas Island will soon disappear. They do something like this in Underworld with the xmas sets and also because Ascaron did not draw the map onto the game overview map. But! If it's still there in January then I'll add the Christmas Island map to the main map. :4rofl:


For a download of the main map Asuka that is coming soon. There are some corrections I still need to make though. Eh heh. Made a few mistakes that I would rather not provide as a download. Probably after the holidays. :viking:

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A quick question about the mini bossess

should I do something before they appear to the map? I've been to the locations marked on your wonderful map, but unfortunately have not found any of them. Or is this a version problem as I am running 2.12 build (had issues with the latest 2.34).?

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Hello guys :o I was searching for answer to my question if there is respawn time for bosses or if I can kill them only once but I was unlucky and found nothing...could some of you please answer my silly question:) :)


EDIT: I am terribly sorry for my really stupid question...I tried uncle google after posting this and found the answer...forgive newbie his foolishness :D

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For Dragons your best approach will be to attack with Ice damage, focus on Fire/Magic resistance and stun often. All of the dragons appear to have the same Damage/Resistance and they will scale to your level to a certain point. Not that I've tested it but I do believe that Dragons, like other enemies, have a min/max allowable spawn level depending on the area.


The Gyrvim Island Dragon is kinda tricky. He can make himself invisible which prevents damage you would cause. What I've done in past battles is when he goes invisible I will hide in among the stone structures. He isn't able to attack there so I wait until his buff runs out and then continue to attack.

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