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:) Sorry I haven't been around chappies...went home to BUffalo for a while then fell into one of those ruts...u know the kind.


So here's the lowdown-I host/serve at this restaurant/bar in NYC. The owner... a motherf**** son of a **** bleepity bleep bleep came in on a Saturday while I was hosting. Nothing was really doing-nobody was coming or going and the phone wasn't ringing so I pretty much had nothing to do. Wouldn't you know he sits at a table 10 feet away that faces me and he just watches me for an hour drinking a beer. I give him a hello and nod and try to look like im doing something when there is...NOTHING...to do until he leaves. He says nothing to me the entire night and just sits there.


Now we fast forward to the following Monday. The general manager gets a text from him saying that I have no personality, don't smile, and was rude to customers, and he doesn't want me hosting ever again. This might not have been a problem except that means I now only work 1 day a week serving...ONE!


Owner background: loves to hate people. Has "fired" several people from bartending for the same reason (lack of personality/rude/etc), has wanted to fire female servers/bartenders because they got "bigger" after they were pregnant/gave birth and hates several other servers. He comes in very infrequently and when he does has no idea whats going on or what needs to be done. he has NO personality and everyone hates him(so you can see the irony of him saying ive got no personality) Perfect story to sum him up...I had to serve him and his girlfriend once...he ordered things that weren't on the menu(at his own restaurant mind you)...and they disappear upstairs into the office for a while...they comeback, eat...he leaves me a crappy tip...they leave. The manager then walks downstairs after having been in the office and says to me "how do I let him know that his girlfriend left her underwear upstairs" :blink: *insert barfing emoticon*


So anyways here I am...a college grad in NYC in a recession broke as a joke. What do I do? I don't want to get a full time job cuz I still want to audition/do as much theatre as I can(being thats what I wanna do with my life) How the heck do I make money? Any ideas other than the lotto? :) Can I make money on the internet...I excel at video games, acting and making people laugh(the guy with no personality mind you)...not exactly like anyone's beating down my door to head up their sales team or run their software company with my Bacherlor of Arts degree. Ho hum. At least I can throw one hell of a pity party :oooo:

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My advice? Don't give up on the dream. Locutus, it may sound like it's as tough as it can be right now, but there's always parents right? At least till you can hold out till you can get another job to tide you over? The life of struggling actor is a tough one, and I've read a lot of stories about the early, leaner years. Restaurant jobs are great this way with so much flexibility, and opting out for something else that takes more of your time won't give you those chances for what you really want to do.


Who actually has the final say on your job here...owner or manager? Would you consider writing a very good letter explaining your circumstances, how you feel, why you really need this job blah blah blah? Letters these days are rare things, and a good one, one that can really connect, worth it's weight in gold. Maybe take a few days to write this one, and send it. If the decision to oust you was taken on a whim, perhaps you could "shame" him into realizing how important this job was to you and how seriously you take it.


You're an awfully good writer, and with some heart, and perhaps some humorous and revelatory comments...maybe your words can find some heart in the old codger.


Good luck






p.s. regarding internet jobs, there are some weird things out there like posting for money...here try this link:




That is just one, but there are many others out there like this. Do some research and see what you can come up with.

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k. To live your dream you have to shape your life in the manner you need. You've got the right idea about being available for auditions... so stick with the restaurant gig.


You seriously need to get away from that workplace. You need to find another restaurant that actually needs staff.


One of our draftsman here was a bartender in a series of restaurants... when a bar/restaurant is empty too much, eventually it will go under. I've watched the ebb and flow of bars in my town... the crowd goes to new places and stays there for a while... until they find the next new great place. (what they don't realize is that what makes a bar great is they themselves). You need to flow away from restaurants that are empty towards ones that are full. Further about the draftsman's experience: he'd go to work sometimes and find the restaurant doors chained up. He'd be out of work, no pay cheque for the last 2 weeks, and have to hit the pavement looking for work right away. Kinda sounds like where this restaurant is going.




So, scout out places, find the busy ones... makes a list. Go back when it's not busy and apply there. Use your great smile, make some jokes, be relaxed ---show off your great personality to the places that are busy.


Don't give up on your dream... and you could try what others have: making something like "Star Trek: The Hidden Frontier" (or whatever it is called, a Star Trek show only on the internet.


Keep busy, and keep trying.

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Do what you can . . . Would you like fries with that? . . . etc.


My son is 26 and graduated from the Boston Conservatory last spring. He's hanging in Boston doing the same as you, barely skating by. He works part time busing tables for a caterer and sings in a church choir a couple times a month. But he's hanging in (with a little help from good ol' Dad too).


You need to make your life the way you want in order to be fulfilled.

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Aw I love good ol Darkmatters, thanks for the encouraging words!



Oh and another recent note to show you who we're dealing with (the owner). The other day he was berating/yelling at a dishwasher whose 2 yr old daughter died suddenly...which he is aware of. This guy is pretty much evil.

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Aw I love good ol Darkmatters, thanks for the encouraging words!



Oh and another recent note to show you who we're dealing with (the owner). The other day he was berating/yelling at a dishwasher whose 2 yr old daughter died suddenly...which he is aware of. This guy is pretty much evil.



damn ... well I am getting layed off after today and will probably be working at a gas station or something until the engineer I work for gets more work ... sigh .. oooh and about that boss :( just remember that boss when you have a job you actually enjoy the peeps you work with as you will be able to appreciate it alot more. :(

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I found I loved to teach computers and wrangled a job teaching at a local Community Center. They will be cutting my hours over 50% in June, so I need to find additional or new work somewhere. Times are tight but those of us who've been around a while know that you do what you have to do to keep going. I've made sandwiches at a fast-food establishment before, if I had to, I would do it again if it meant not losing my house and everything I'd worked over the years to build up.

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