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Cinthyax (Name Change: Immali) application for Clan D.a.r.k. Sacred 2

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Hi all!!

My name is Alberto, I'm 34 and I'm from Italy. I've seen your board on the official Sacred forums, and met some of you in HC Closednet. So I thought to register and make my application in order to enter the clan. I forgot to say my ingame name is "Immali" (from my favourite book)

Here's my answers


Favorite pizza topping: I love Margherita, the classic itailian pizza with only tomato and some cheese

Favorite Drink: water, really....I also like beer a lot

Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?: official Sacred 2 forums

Most favorite book ever: Melmoth the wanderer by Charles Robert Maturin

Favorite movie of all time.: difficult to answer, I love films...let's pick one of many: The good, the bad and the ugly

Current Favorite Game?: Sacred 2

All time best video game ever played: Baldur's Gate Saga

Favorite sport or hobby?: basketball

What do you want for your birthday?: for my next birthday....a baby!! I want to become father :D

Do you know anyone from our forum?: only form HC Colsenet: Epox

Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member? Maybe Epox

If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship? Yes


I really hope to be acceted :D

See you soon!! I'm going to play Sacred 2 now!

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Welcome to DarkMatters, Cinthyax! And thank you for the application. I'm happy that you've met up with some our members, and that's an important part of the application process. Another part is the minimum number of posts needed here on this forum as outlined in our D.a.r.k Clan Application guidelines so that you can meet up with our members this way. Our forum is the lifeblood of the clan, and it's where all of the important communications, gossips and boasting happen :D


Looking forward to your posts, and once you have the minimum, we can start up a discussion/vote thread for you internally.


Ahhh, friend of Epox, eh?


Has he told you his chicken a la epox recipe yet?





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Hey hey there Cinthyax. Welcome aboard my friend. :devil: So what's your fave Sacred 2 character to play so far? For myself I'm completely addicted to the HE. Magic, whoosh! Love it. ^^


Nice to see your application and I hope to meet you soon Alberto!

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Cinthyax welcome to the forums :) it's really nice to see your application and I'm looking forward to meeting you ingame I'm guessing you're playing on the EU servers? since Italy is basically an hour away from CET iirc :devil:



and Schot...! You goto stop with them HE's of yours :) it's not like the good ol BM ;)



Dryads are the shizzl now ;) xD

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Usually tried melee dryads. Dual wielding short swords and one with spear. The spear one died to the last boss but the weapon was not making normal attacks....just waiting for the CA...I hear it's a 2handed weapon bug. The dual wielding diead again before the last boss. Probably an error in my build but a great problem in my internet connection didn't helped at all. Now my connection seems stable. And I think I'll try, in the future, a sword and shield, a ranged and another dual wielding one. I hope they fix the double shot mod for ravaged impact because now it doesn't work with melee.

Currently I'm building an HE melee with inspiration from Epox build but with a different touch (I like guides for the ideas they give and for the insight to the game mechanics, but I want to put something "mine" in every character I create).

Another character I plan on using is a SW using only axes and not reflective emanation. I made a post in the official forums and, obviously, will post it here when I'll begin it.


PS: I hate, tomorrow, not being able to take part to the Kamikaze sunday!! ;) But I'll be at work all day long, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Monday..... But, please.....smash everything in your path! Have fun, kill a boss and have a drink on me!! :P I'll follow the forum when work will allow it :P

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Hi Cynthyax!


The Vote discussion thead usually takes a week for us to get all the information from our members who are in a ton of different time zones ^^


I'm glad to hear you're having fun with the clan, and you 'll be hearing from us very shortly





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lol immali, I didn't remember that you were cynthyax from this forum... good to know!

And was awesome playing with you on servers last night.

Will see you again soon in plat





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