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Viper007's application for Clan D.a.r.k. Sacred 2

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Whats up guys. I thought I'd go ahead and apply for D.a.r.k. I just purchased a UK key after playing with schot online the other day. Havn't got the key yet but I hope it will go through by monday 02/16. I play this game a ton so having cool, friendly peeps like u guys to shoot my (our) way up the ladder with would be awesome.




Favorite pizza topping: pepperoni

Favorite Drink: bourbon

Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?: official Sacred 2 forums

Most favorite book ever: I dont read books

Favorite movie of all time.: Equilibrium

Current Favorite Game?: Sacred 2

All time best video game Final Fantasy Online (Had 2 level 75 characters ;/ )

Favorite sport or hobby?: I play the drums in a rock band.

What do you want for your birthday?: unlimited wishes

Do you know anyone from our forum?: schot and zin from testing out himachi.

Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member? I played with schot for a little while and had a great time. (so him hopefully)

If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship? Yes





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Hey Viper007, Great seeing the application. Some good posts you've been putting up on the forum, and yeah, I did see your post about the Sacred 2 you ordered... I'm sure it's just a weekend thing, and come Monday you'll be happily finally meeting up with the gang. Was great to finally meet you on Hamachi, and we'll probably hook up again in the HC servers.


We'll forward your application internally and have a response for you within a few days regarding possible probation with us for Clan D.a.r.k








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Hey hey there Viper. Great to see your app! What short time we did play together was a lot of fun on the Hamachi. :) I hope to see you in game on Monday. :D

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Ok so now it's April 4th ....Am I still a Fellowship Candidate lol? I applied Feb 15th. O.o



I didn't plan on rushing an answer but I feel like there has been plenty of time to give me a response on my membership app by now. If you guys dont have an answer for me by now I doubt you ever will. :D

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Yup, I think this is loooong overdue. Sorry you had to wait so long Viper. I think Sacred 2 has proven itself a major distraction... :D Consider yourself Fellowshipafied. Yer a D.a.r.kie, no question about it. :D

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