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Happy Birthday Arilaftia!

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Glorious day, presents for all, rock band on the patio, meet us just below the hanging whip. It's Ari's birthday, and this day goes on! Ari darlin, hope your day is wonderful, with extra hugs from your family, hubby and friends.


Are you out partying?

Got a big bead-out goin?


Party on dudette







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Aw Guys thank you! It was a wonderful day, After so long dreading my birthday, Jib made it something so special. Thank you for all the wonderful wishes I hope everything is going wonderfully for you all :viking: OOoh and if you were wondering where to find me, Im most of the time stuck into facebook now haha, messing with the app games there, so feel free to add me :viking: (Just be sure to add a note of who you are) Hugs to you all! :):agreed:

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