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Discontinued foods/The foods you miss

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So I was sitting around and suddenly I was struck with an overwhelming craving for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie from Hostess which was only made in 1991. It was just like a regular Hostess fruit pie but was green(naturally) and was filled with vanilla pudding. Ho mama did I love those things. This lead me on an internet search for them which lead to http://www.x-entertainment.com/articles/0898/ Great webpage about a guy on his search for the elusive pies and if theyd ever be heard of again.


Anyways, this got me thinking about other great foods/drinks I miss in no specific order:

O'Boises: potato chips made by Keebler. These salty bubbly chips were always a treat.

Pizzarias: chips also made by Keebler. Kinda like Doritos but with a pizza theme with different "toppings" or flavors

Tato Skins: another Keebler chip. How could you let them all slip away Keebler? Damn it! I loved these chips that were made to look like little potatos and actually tasted like a baked potato

Munchables: tasty snack crackers. The ranch ones were great but gave you horrible breath.

Crystal Pepsi: Clear Pepsi? Genius...but discontinued after less than a year.

Giggles: Nabisco sandwich cookies. vanilla/chcocolate between smiley faced cookies.

First-Ade: A Gatorade knock off that came in a squeeze-bottle.

Oreo-O's: Post's Oreo cereal that was just amazing. They later added marshmallows like Lucky Charms and then it sucked and then was discontinued.

3-D Pop-Tarts: It was basically an actual pastry/danish with filling in the middle

3-D Doritos: An unnecessary but tasty form of regular Doritos.

Chicken Tonight: Made by Ragu it was kinda like a pasta sauce meant for chicken/casseroles. The commercials were the best. Idiotic people flapping their arms and singing "I feel like chicken tonight...like chicken tonight"

Ecto-Cooler: Hi-C juice boxes marketed around the Ghostbusters/slimer time and lasted until 2001? How did they manage to market the product that far past Ghostbusters popularity? No one knows for sure

Thunder Jets: Fruit Snacks with a jet fighter theme-the stealth bombers were my favorites.

Shark Bites: Another fruit snack with, you guessed it, a shark theme...I think I liked the hammerheads.



Do you remember these foods:) C'mon it's okay to admit you liked crystal pepsi. What things do you look to your cupboard for only to catch yourself wiping away a tear in memory off? Hey and you may be from a different country, but you gotta miss a native brand or maybe we have some of the same crap...er...food. Let's hear it people!

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Ahh, memories.


I remember--and loved--most of your list. Well, except for the crystal pepsi. Let's add space food sticks (pillsbury) and some poptart like things that I can't remember the name of. They had cheese in them.

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Aw man I gotta go to Holland for Chicken Tonight? Darn it!


I forgot a huge one:


Cheez Balls- The Planter's can of cheese doodle like balls were my favorite growing up!

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We get Chicken Tonight here in England still as well as Holland. It is was taken over and is now made by Knorr (they have also expanded the range to Sausage Tonight). It is really tasty, especially the Honey Mustard! :D

Mind you Locutus, I would be willing to swap you some for some Hamberger Helper or Rice-a-Roni.

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Albertsons a grocery store use to carry a line of foods from Essentia. Essentia made everything from salad dressing to frozen pizza's ( my fav) pizza.gifand no matter what you bought if it had that manufacture's name on it, it was great. But don't know if that Canadian company went out of business or what but Albertsons no longer carry any of their products


oh and I love pickle flavor potato chips

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Growing up, my sugar was restricted (I was a hyper bugger), and I didnt experience some of these yummy treats, but Ill tell you


They dont make those big family sized salsbury steaks like they used to.. man I would eat the whole family pack myself..


The ones they make now taste like cardboard.

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Well, except for the crystal pepsi.

Is that anything like crystal meth?


I went to uni in Birmingham (not Aston uni, not that that will mean much to most of you), lots of immigrants from India/etc settled there (along with Leeds) so the food of choice for studants was curry (cheap, plentiful & damn tasty). Being in the UK some of them did kebabs as well, but wrapped in Naan (proper plate-sized naan) & with tikka chicken. There was a delivery place on the main road that did the most awesome kebabs, donna, tikka chicken, chips, some salad, curry sauce & mayo. Absolute heaven.


They knew us by voice over the phone & our usual order, we ordered most nights.

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Oh gosh, I really miss Evil Jungle Prince right now, but I know I can still get that in places.

Good sodas, though, I miss those; Ie. the Sprite Remix! Those were sooo good o3o

And I think they discontinued the Sierra Mist cranberry soda, too. 3':


It always seems like they like testing good stuff on us or something, and then pulling everything away again. CURSES! CURSE YOU, THEM! *shakes fist*

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oh and I love pickle flavor potato chips


I LOVE Those Screamin Dill Pickle Pringles Potato Chips.....For Some Reason, They Clear My Sinuses With The Zing.


Idk Why :drool:



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oh and I love pickle flavor potato chips

I LOVE Those Screamin Dill Pickle Pringles Potato Chips.....For Some Reason, They Clear My Sinuses With The Zing.

Idk Why :drool:


Oooh, me too! The Tim's Cascade Style dill pickle chips were always so good at that o3o

I haven't seen them forever though ;)

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Glad to see this thread pop-up again. Speaking of dill pickle chips-anyone ever have dill pickle Doritos? Weird but okay tasting, nothing I'd buy on a regular basis. I've only seen them in specialty food stores...I think imported from Canada(my northern neighbor)


And speaking of Canada, my friend and I used to sneak up to his dad's cabin and go drinkin(legal age is 19 there) and we'd always buy snacks...among which were KETCHUP flavored Lay's potato chips and KETCHUP Doritos. Ever have those? You Crazy Canucks ;-)

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Just Thought Of Another Pringles Fav...The New Restaurant Cravers!


They Have The Craziest Flavors:


Mozerella Sticks And Marinera.


Mexican Layered Dip.


Onion Blossom.


Slow Cooked Ribs.


Fresh Grilled Chicken!



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Aww, You Know What I Miss:)


I Know, They Are Kind Of Childish...




Push Pops!


Now They Have Those 3-in-1 Push Pops.


THe CLassics Were Great.



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Well, hope there are some Brits about. Things I remember are fizzy drinks like Tizer, Dandelion & Burdoch (better than Coke/Pepsi), and what was called American Cream Soda.


Heinz Alphabetti noodles, Baked beans - yes I know they are still there but not the same by far.


HP sauce, Daddy's sauce,


Cereals...'Post Toasties', 'Force' wheat flakes


Beef products no longer available in GB because of the Mad Cow panic, especially oxtails for soup (fortunately still available in France)


And, dare I say it, the gollywog on Robertson's jams, which got struck off along with the Black and White minstrels, N*g*o spirituals, and probably old Al Jolson films.


But it is not just that some of these have disappeared. Have any of you folks over 30 gone back to the things you loved as a kid....and found them yucky. Plus all the changes dictated by dietary fashions, cutting down on the sugar content (drinks with aspartein for sweetening....Yaaaaargh), commands from Brussels ( how to smoke your kippers, how to make your trad. cheese (that nobody has ever been sick from..except from over indulgence), 'E' numbers. The foods/ drinks you remember are no longer the same.


And there was a product much like an Oxo or stock cube, to which you added boiling water to make soup. I used them every day for lunch in the office, tomato, chicken, oxtail. It was an everyday name - which I can't remember! Does it ring a bell for any one?

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oh and I love pickle flavor potato chips

I LOVE Those Screamin Dill Pickle Pringles Potato Chips.....For Some Reason, They Clear My Sinuses With The Zing.

Idk Why :D



Oooh, me too! The Tim's Cascade Style dill pickle chips were always so good at that o3o

I haven't seen them forever though sad.gif


OK.. Sue me for necroposting on this thread but - I am also a big fan of Tim's chips - and FYI, you can still get the Vlassic Dill flavored chips directly from Tim's website... Of course, you do have to buy at least a case of them.


I'm a big fan of their jalapeno flavored chips... They're actually quite spicy - unlike most chips that claim to be jalapeno flavored.

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I miss the Raspberry variant of Aranca yogurt cream. Normally you use the powder for a tasty yogurt cream. But if you use fruit juice instead yogurt it results in something tasting like a sorbet, with the light stiffness of a mousse and I like to use it for my 15 minutes cakes.





The aranca/juice mix is top:



So much red berries in our garden and they discontinue the red variant of aranca. Did't they know that I didn't use it for cream but for cakes?

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My greatest wish would be some pickled apples like Granny made for Christmas every year. They were a certain variety of apple called Spring Larks, hand picked from a local orchard and then had cloves pressed into them and were pickled along with certain spices (can't remember exactly what as I was too young to take notice). They will never be made again as Spring Lark apples seem to be extiinct now and the only orchard that anyone knows of that used to grow them was leveled and paved over to make a carpark!

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My oldest is at home for weekend. She is studying arboristic (knowledge how to cure trees) and she said she never heard of a spring lark apple. But spring lark sounds like an early apple, so probably a Klarapfel or a variant. Klar is german for clear, english name is 'White Transparent'. A very early and sour apple with a strong taste and people use to pickle it hear in germany.

They are normally not at stores because they rot away quickly. If it is the season (starts now) look at a market or ask at a place which sells apple trees. If the spring lark is a white transparent, plant some trees with some friends, local garden club or history club, ...

Edit: mom says she used to pickle them with cucumbers as a younf girl.

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You might want to pop a note off to the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs... They're in Kent and maintain the UK's National Fruit Collection... They have (according to the Wikipedia article on Apples (fruit)) 2,000 accessions... They might be able to put a finger on what type of apple this Spring Lark is/was and might be able to recommend something similar in taste and texture - or perhaps even where to FIND them.


You can send them an email at defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk


Given there are 7,500+ cultivars of apples in the world, there's bound to be at least one variety similar to what you had as a child... The spices.. Well, that's something I couldn't help you with.

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