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The Inquisitor. Guide and Pointer

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If your unintrested in.. some unintresting background :( read from the Netherworld Fist symbol.


On my way home from the gamestore the day I bought sacred 2 I looked trough the manual and decided pretty fast that I really wanted to play an Inquisitor.

just the thing about him being evil and what I read about ''using dead people'' really had me.

It was also written something like ''netherworld aspect is more suited for experienced players.''


So I played the Inquisitor.. alot and I tried to kinda stay away from Netherworld aspect as I wanted to be ''experienced'' and not screw up and lose my will to test it.

so a few months later Inquisitor is the class I played the most.


I've been working on the netherworld aspect now the last few weeks and for me it sure took a little while to ''grasp'' what is in my opinion the concept.



if you look at the combat arts, they all look weak compared to the other aspects (damage wise)



Disloged Spirit - A single touch causing ice damage while it tears the soul from the opponent. The opponent's attributes will diminish significantly for a brief period until the soul finds its way back into the body.


This Combat art, as most others can be modified for damage or weakening of the target, The regeneration time of this CA is rahter low.

I choose to use this CA on bosses with weakening mods.


Paralyzing Dread - Slows down all attacks by opponents in the vicinity of the Inquisitor.


This combat art can be modded for you to deal more damage or for the opponents (within Area of Effect) to deal less. I choose to mod it for the opponents to have lesser armor and defensive values so I could kill them faster. I used this in a combo with Frenetic Fervor on bosses and challenging opponents in mobs.



Inexorable Subjugation - A channeled beam hits and petrifies the opponent. Additionally, the beam inflicts magic damage. If the opponent dies while Subjugation is active, the unfortunate soul will transform into a spectral companion of the Inquisitor.


I modded Inexorable Subjugation, to say it simple, up up up. its the netherworld combat art I used the most to get.. armies figthing with me!

I concider this one of the best Combat Arts ingame, it makes taking down bosses a easy and enjoyable job. It stuns the opponent and damages it no matter if its a Dragon or a rat, this CA makes the Inquisitor a good party player aswell, as the Inquisitor can stun the Boss completly while the others hack at it.


Eruptive Desecration -Causes corpses to explode, inflicting damage to nearby opponents.


Sorry, I havent found a real use of this CA yet, the greed mod havent dropped any good items for me. To make this CA useful at level 50 I had to use about 100 runes... If anyone have any ideas for this CA or know anything, please post it.


Soul Reaver - This Combat Art is a (Buff)

The essences of fallen corpses will rise and surround the Inquisitor. Whenever a fresh soul is raised, the duration of their stay is reset. Each additional soul grants a bonus.


Ah... The pride of Netherworld :) modded Zealot - Optional - Zealot. I will get back to the use of this Buff later :)





I played classes like SW and Dryad to level 60, but both started to bore me around level 50 because I thought it got kind of much of the same. (played Champion and Huntress )

I never really liked to follow others builds because I felt like I grew in someone elses shoes and they would never really fit!


So I will try to write this more like a guideline and a point in the rigth direction than a build that has to be done alike to work.


I played it in a way you could play diffrent styles with the same toon so you wouldent tire so easly.

Here is.. well maybe an overview of skills and the diffrent possibileties you have with my buildy...pointy thingy


recommended for Ranged and Close Combat

recommended for Ranged

recommended for Close Combat

recommended for Trader and Smither

recommended if you dont have the skill or nothing else to fill in

level. 2 Tactics Lore

level. 3 Nefarious Netherworld Lore

level. 5 Armor Lore

level. 8 Dual Wield / Ranged Weapons < Optional

level. 12 Nefarious Netherworld Focus

level. 18 Combat Reflexes / Constitution

level. 25 Speed Lore / Bargaining

level. 35 Constitution / Combat Reflexes

level. 50 Toughness

level. 65 Bargaining / Blacksmith / Spell Resistance / Concentration ( Purifying Chastisement )



So, the point is pretty much to go around and own with pistol/energizer-StaffPowPow or yer Short swords(*). The regen on Gruesome isnt really a problem and you dont need any of the Combat Arts at a very high level as long as you keep tactics lore up, when you get tired of just slashing and shooting you can start converting them into your personal little army.

-Keep reg on Inexorable Subjugation rahter low and start sucking life out of them when they are at 50% life rather than taking it to a high level... because when the army is big. it looks way cooler :)



* Back to Soul Reaver and the thing about short swords.

Soul reaver is based upon the attack and defense value. Dexirety increases both of those and damage of Ranged weapons, and short blades, which makes Soul Reaver ideal for melee Combat ;)


Soul Reaver in effect after a few fast kills:


look on opponents hit chanse.



Sew your OWN shoe! I hope this will be a help for someone, sorry if any spelling mistakes






PS: I will try to make a video sometime soon :)

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Erling, this was an awesome read. I love reading anything about this class this is so far "forbidden" for me because of me wanting to party with other peeps all the time.


Great reference, you really good explaining. If this patch doesn't help us with the partying with inqs thing, hopefully the next kamikaze will be evol, and we''ll all get to have some fun.


Have you tried a lot of work with the inqu's WIDD? I love any class that can use so much risk.





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Have you tried a lot of work with the inqu's WIDD? I love any class that can use so much risk.

yes :) the crtical hit mod on it is really something!

Thanks for reminding me :P I toggled that buff on and off as I changed from melee to army maker caster thingy ^^


and yes it is risky! lol im like ''just ooone more hit before I drink pot'' :)


btw: alot of evil toons are comming up now, me and some others did a few restarts with only evil toons and had other join us in uour low level rampage.. I've done it like 4 times now and I never did it alone.. just see ingame for yourself :) alot of evils now!

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I'm really jealous Erling. I've been dieing to try out this class for so long...it loox like it's got a lot of "meat" to it.






p.s. we're in servers right now btw, come chat .

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Do you have your Inquisitor?


If yes, maybe we can hook up in server when you have time today... I'd love to see kill speed of the inqu. I Online now with Dobs and Stubbie.


Hurry up





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he AFK died in an Orc village :) not to angry about it I guess, as he had killed every boss ingame and tried the most with him AND I have alot alot alot of netherworld set items in my chest dont think I missed anything or lost so much.. I have 2 ranged inqs atm, around level 20 :P but im messing around with some new voodoo idea for the time being

*currently have 7 diffrent wiki pages open*

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It's just come to my attention that Paralyzing Dread really sucks right now. Depending on what you're wearing, when you turn on PD, it hits the Inquisitor with whatever "debuff" type effects he has on his equipment. So for example, if you have -% opponent's attack value, the Inquisitor will get hit with it.



Of course, the best kind ATM is having "Chance to Cause Serious Open Wounds". KILL YOURSELF!




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Yeah. I think it started with 2.34. A few others on the official forums have noticed it as well, but I thought it was just the Ilgard's set that was the culprit. However, last night I finally took the time to test it out, and I casted Paralyzing Dread while having a debuff ring equipped. Sure enough, as soon as I casted it, my Inquisitor was hit with the debuff.


But yeah... I suggest you not use PD until they get it fixed.

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3 times the upper mod. Erling just explained it plain and simple :( In that case:

Brunt - Inflicts more magic damage per time unit. (33.3% increase)

Fanatic - Increases attack speed of the spectral companion. (20% increase)

Probation - Increases the spectral companion's lifespan. (33.3% increase)


that should be it.

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I am New to this site but I am not new to the game. I have run 4 different Inquisitors up to there 60s and 2 into the 70s. I am now on my 7th (lucky number) and Finale Build and I have it all worked out for a Battlemage Setup. I am currently level 42 on this build and Take very little DMG at all even at end game. That in my opinion is great for an inquisitor. This is Possible by keeping your combat arts at a steady increase with your skill level.


SKILLS: 1. Duel Wield (a must for the dmg output) (75 points)

2. Astute Supremacy Lore (120 points)

3. Astute Supremacy Focus (120 points)

4. Concentration (80 points)

5. Nefarious Netherworld Focus (126 points)

6. Tactics Lore (75 points)

7. Armor Lore (84 points)

8. Combat Reflexes (84 points)

9. Constitution (82 points)

10. Toughness (75 points)


This build dose not include Nefarious Netherworld Lore because it uses this aspect to weaken Foes not to DMG them. As for the The Combat arts keep up your buffs (Reverse Polarity and Soul Reaver) as for runes into each CA keep the buffs at around 3/4 what your level without penalty is (for instance level without penalty is 40 you want buffs at about 30 runes used). This is due to the recharge times. To many and you have massive regen times and you dont want that. as for the other combat arts keep them at about half as many runes used as your buffs (as befor if you have 30 runes in your buffs you want 15 in your other combat arts). This is to keep regens to a min and still be effective.


When it comes to the Nefarious Netherworld skill tree forget the Eruptive Desecration combat art. The points in the N.N. Focus allow for 12 mod points so you can mod the other 4 combat arts in this tree to be used to there full potential. As for the buffs..... You want the mods to add chance to deflect close combat and the mod for chance to reflect spells for your Reverse Polarity. With these mods you have a good percentage to block almost all attacks and or reflect dmg back as long as you keep this buffs level up to par. For last mod you can choose. (But if you dont want your friends to be mad at you I would go with Def mod lol). When it comes to Souls Reaver you can make your own choice for the Bronze and the silver Mods but for gold you want the +health for colected souls mod. This mod gives you a good bit of health for anything that dies near you thus healing any dmg your other buff may not have stopped.


Due to tactics Lore you will be able to fully Modify 3 skills in the Top Aspect Tree (Gruesome Inquisition) I Strongly belive you should go with the Frenetic Fervor first this skill will double your atk speed even in the lower lvls for a brief time which is always handy. the other 2 are up to you.


P.S. the reason for going up to and past the mastery on Concentration is so you can Turn your Doppelganger into a buff as well. Not to mention the added effect of faster regen is always helpfull.


P.S.S. Mod the other combat arts as you see fit. the CA called Clustering Mealstorm can be not only a good mob control but also a Party Pleasing spell as it gains a ton of dmg as you catch more foes in it. if you get 20 or so in its grasp it will kill most if not all due to the dmg growth times the number of foes. So the increased range mods (both of them) should be a priority for this CA.

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Is there a reason to take Doppleganger over Purifying Chastisement?


If you mod PC for:

Mystic (for Levin Array/a few NN spells) / Eradicate (More crit) / Then either Inure or Hallow (More Mitigation so less damage when you do get hit, or more damage) and you'll be dealing damage via your CAs once more.


Hallow and Mystic scale at roughly the same speed as the Aspect Lores, so can even use it to make the NN CAs worthwhile for damage.


Then turn Dopple into a longer lasting boss killer.

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Is there a reason to take Doppleganger over Purifying Chastisement?


If you mod PC for:

Mystic (for Levin Array/a few NN spells) / Eradicate (More crit) / Then either Inure or Hallow (More Mitigation so less damage when you do get hit, or more damage) and you'll be dealing damage via your CAs once more.


Hallow and Mystic scale at roughly the same speed as the Aspect Lores, so can even use it to make the NN CAs worthwhile for damage.


Then turn Dopple into a longer lasting boss killer.




Like I said that option is up to you. I just find that with this build and the Def skills I do not take enough dmg to make Purifying Chastisement worth while vs the Dopples extra dmg output. That and I gave my Dopple the Gruesome Inquisition tree line so he is more or less the 3rd skill line for me lol. but like I said if you look at the way it works out, there is plenty you can move around and still keep it and effective and fun build with a play style more to your liking. I find the survivability is higher this way then with other builds I have tried.


Guess what I am saying is my primary intention was to make a build that didn't take hardly any dmg thus making Purifying Chastisement not needed so I opted to take the Perma Dopple and use him for extra dmg output and crowd control. I hope this clears up my point of view on it. But try the build and mod it your way who knows maybe we will find the Perfect build (if there is such a thing LOL). I just Posted My Idea so that maybe it will help people get a base on what they want. If there is any other questions plz ask away. I will be happy to state my opinion.


I do However see where your going with that and I may make my 8th inquis and mod him to give this a try. Thank you for your opinion.

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Thing with PC is, the only mod on it that is affected by the damage you take is "Enraged Player Damage: +XXX%" and thus the Merciless Silver Mod. Everything else is constant improvement, regardless of what else happens. So the Magic/Fire damage bonuses from Bronze are the same at 1% and 100% Health, the same for the Crit Bonus and the Mitigation/Damage bonus from Gold.


So a lot of the bonuses are ideal when you're not injured.

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