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Shadow_Walker's [D.a.r.k] application

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Favorite pizza topping Pepperoni


Favorite Drink Creme Soda (Softcore), Screwdriver (Hardcore)


Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from? I want to say when the shutdown of Hellgate:London was approaching, someone mentioned Sacred 2 and then Darkmatters as a great place to get information on the game. I am old, but that's what I think I remember :)


Most favorite book ever "The Necroscope" by Brian Lumley because it led me to the rest of the series


Favorite movie of all time. The Last Samurai


Current Favorite Game? Sacred 2


All time best video game ever played I am being honest when I say Sacred 2, although I loved the possibilities for Hellgate:London


Favorite sport or hobby? To watch: American football, to do: long bicycle rides (does that count as a sport?)


What do you want for your birthday? A motorcycle


Do you know anyone from our forum? not really


Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member? no one yet


If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship? Yes

(This question need only be answered if applying for Fellowship/Clan status for a sponsored game).


Presently I am only able to be on the US server so haven't been able to play with most of you, but recently there seems to be increasing interest in US servers so I am hoping to be exposed :friends3: to more members.

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Hi Shadow, I'm really sorry, and we do appreciate your application. After a lot of thinking about this, and regarding where me and Schot are able to play and the time we're able to commit, we're unable to forward more applications from players on the US servers to Clan D.a.r.k




We're focusing as much as possible on our community in the EU. We do have members that are in the US, but are working on ways to bring them back home to play with us in the EU. We've been successful with some of our members seperated from us in other servers, but little by little we're gaining ground at bringing the entire "clan family" together. We will definitely offer support to present D.a.r.k clan members who are in the US, their privileges everything all upheld with pride. It's just adding more to a server that we can't get to and oversee that is the problem.


The wiki, this forum takes a lot of our time, and the time costs of adminning and keeping "presence" on other servers, at this time, just can't be done, especially with lack of access to the us servers :)


I'm very sorry about this, however if we find that more options come our way, we'll be happy to once again look at working to see if there is a way for us to split ourselves up, but more than anything we're hoping for the servers to be joined up together.


Our sincere regrets regarding this.


And we hope you understand





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